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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”

We associate with Facebook Friends to exchange our views ,share fellings,learn various things and fell proud to have different types Friends . These Friends are called DIGITAL FRIENDS . Today we like them ,so we accept their request to induct in Facebook Platform . Actually a slight insensitive gesture of Facebook Friends creates misunderstanding and we never take a chance to keep them in the list . It is very easy procedure to eliminate them by deleting their names from Friend List .The PHYSICAL FRIENDSHIP could be restored by negotiating by other friends but there is no chance in DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP .DIGITAL FRIENDS believe to make New Friend only .
We welcome them with lovely affection . It is quite clear that the DIGITAL FRIENDS are rarely met physically . We get pleasure to go through their positive gesture on the Facebook Platform . There are certain qualities which are completely different from Physical Friends . The PHYSICAL FRIENDS are judged with their Cooperative Attitudes ,Helping Nature,Mutual Understanding ,Jolly Character and last not least Maintaining the Secrecy . But DIGITAL FRIENDS will have the separate qualities . They are judged with different angle . When we rarely get chance to meet , the only correspondences keep us alive . So writings are very important to keep the DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP alive always .
Nowadays Friends queue up .The DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP is judged with certain qualities. As writings with prompt action ,positive response,respect everyone ,avoid political confrontation ,not interfering other’s TIMELINES unless any important ,never disturb anyone by sending borrowed post ,avoid video callings and never send unsocial posts are the basic qualities which are preferred by Digital Friends . We welcome the new friends by sending the message in messenger . So it is proper time to express gratitude ,loves ,regards and respect in a brief . But we should not project ourselves by sending GIF in their replies .
The Physical Friendship could be restored by negotiating but Digital Friendship can’t be restored if any misunderstanding is established .
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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