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24 ways to make yourself happy

Making yourself happy is an outcome of ongoing process of becoming holiness of your soul, your eternal feelings. It’s not an art but it’s a major part of “Art of Living”. To make others happy, one should be eternally happy. Happiness is a feeling which comes out from the heart, not from the external exposure of physical appearances. Happiness is a never ending process. One can’t feel satisfy, even if he/she is becoming the richest on the earth. One small achievement can’t satisfy a man, he/she looks for better through next effort.
Happiness is mainly of two types- one which satisfies the physical world of a man, second which satisfies the eternal world. The social world has changed a lot. People are cautious about their selves only; they can’t spare time for others to resolve their problems. This is the world where one tries to cope up with his/her own survival. This is the era where one pushes the other to reach to his/her destination. This is the age where one looks for better survival than the others.
Happiness is the criteria which starts with “if” and have no end of it.
If I would be the first to have……………………..?
If I would be the first to achieve………………….?
If I would be the first to reach…………………….?
If I would be the first to succeed………………….?
If I would be the only learned personality in the ….?
If I would be the first to preach out anything?
If I would be create followers creator?

Like these question tags, we have a large number of “If” queries to make a man feel happy. Some of feel learned, some wealth, some of wisdom, some of spiritual by way of living and doing and so on. Everyone wishes to make him/her happy but this happiness comes through doing good turns, believing faith on that almighty lord that supernatural power named God, showing human attitude, sacrificing for the poor, doing what nature expects from everyone and many more ways are there. Happiness sometimes exposed through smile or sometimes it is felt inside.
Happiness requires following things to maintain happiness and to overcome stressful moments:-
*One has to learn saying “sorry” when you are busy in your own projects.
*Whenever you require any help, direction, suggestion, do move to right person without fail.
*learn various aspects of “Art of Living”; this will surely ensure you to live a happy life.
*Have a sincere reading of Holy Scriptures, this will create peace in your mind and overcome stress.
*Have a sincere look at the life moments of Great Personalities, who created ideals for others.
*Do not dare to hurt others, through any means.
*Always try to be calm and cool and always try to correct yourself for wrong you have committed just.
*Always wish to do only right things and live a sincere & disciplined life and try to make yourself ideal to others.
*Always have humanitarian approach to help to the poor and needy.
*Have faith on that almighty lord and always seek blessings from him by virtue of doing good turns.
*Follow the path of non-violence and follow the tradition & culture of your religion.
*Try to do “Yoga” at least for half an hour daily and create peace in your mind.
*Visit holy places time – to – time and spend their few minutes.
*Be honest to your words and deeds.
*Try to create smile on other’s face.
*Respect elders and have love for Youngers.
*Read motivational poems which may change your approach and help to move in right direction.
*Try to contribute morally & if possible financially at the time of natural calamities, you will feel eternally peaceful.
*Control your anger, do exercise and Yoga daily to overcome this problem.
*Try to listen to the preachers who supply holy thoughts.
*Interact with small kids, as we know that God lies in the heart of small & innocent kids.
*Try to overcome the darkness of a needy person and create light in his/her life.
*have a sincere pray daily at least two times. Sit on feet with folded hands & pray for the world community not for self only.
If one follows the said things, he will surely be living stress-free life. In general we can say that if one lives disciplined life with sincereness and devotion would be the key factor for him to reach happiest moments. As I believe blessings plays a very vital role in this regard.
”Stressful life is hell while peaceful life is like a heaven on earth”

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