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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
We generally scare to write on Facebook. It doesn’t mean that we can’t write. We have a lot of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. But we fear that our projection may bring some mistakes. The writing reflects the personality of the individual. We must bear in mind that doers could do often mistake. The man escaping from the responsibility can rarely do any mistake. Reading, listening, and concentration are required to be a perfect writer. We have a wonderful device with us. We are not confined to local news only nowadays but connected globally. There are many topics in it. We can read as per our choice. As far as the question of listening to the correct pronunciation we can utilize the live channel of different news. We could watch TV for news, debate, and discussion also. Naturally, the above practices would give us confidence and concentration to write. We never hesitate to learn from our seniors. And we are fortunate enough that we have been blessed with ‘GOOGLE’ who is our perfect teacher.
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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