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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Nowadays It is quite easy to make friends everybody.No doubt we are connected with the world with this modern device. And we are in hurry to make a long list of friends without knowing them properly. Initially, they like our posts, throw the praising comments, and sometimes share our creativity. We consider them best friends. Because we need appreciation. But sometimes we get jolted when they share our articles, blogs, poems, opinions and post them on their names. Nobody could tolerate the act of cheating. They can’t stay longer on the friend list. Sometimes a few friends post something with unacceptable comments. Though it is their fundamental right and freedom of expression, we shouldn’t forget that we have a number of respected personalities on our friend list. They may think to keep us on the list or block the profile. Writing anything or posting any materials are judged by the world. The friendship is based on certain principles;- 1 mutual understanding 2 respecting each other 3 helping attitude 4 keeping secrecy 4 keeping honesty 4 maintaining decency and getting together in social functions. So we must follow the above principles to stay not only in the friend list but stay in the hearts of each friend.
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
Doctor’s Lane


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