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Mother India

“Sandalwood is the soil of this country, Tapobhoomi is every village.
Every Bala Devi idol, child and child is Ram.

From the above lines of Chandrakant Dhruv, a lot is clear about the country of India and the people of India. This country is as important to us as the breath. India is not only the name of a land, but the confluence of cultures settled in our hearts, our customs, ethics, etc. is an immortal history.

The Himalayas are in the north, the ocean in the south, the desert in the west and the Bay of Bengal in the east. India, the land of lush green fields, waterfalls, rivers, sages, sages, temples, pagodas, attracts millions of fighters every year.

It is here that the memories of the ancient men are also preserved in the form of texts. This is also the land of Purushottama and sixteen Kalavatars like Rama, Krishna. On such a land, even the deities scramble to take birth.

Bharatbhoomi is considered to be the center of spiritual consciousness, from here the door of salvation also opens. This is confirmed in Vishnu Purana –

“Gayanti Deva. Kill Geetkani”

The deities also sing the praises of this land of Bharat which is the giver of all kinds of material and spiritual happiness. Where taking birth is a matter of great luck because here one gets the path of salvation by taking birth in human form.

Today we do not understand the suffering in front of our selfishness. We always ignore that we forget in the throes of our rights that the civic obligations which we have towards the country, towards the motherland, should be followed.

We beat the drums of different types of freedoms given by the Constitution, but we do not remember our duties. Only by following those duties will this motherland be successful and prestigious in the world. Shri Krishna gave the name of worship to duty.

India is the birthplace of spirituality, even today many people from all over the world come here in search of spiritual peace and many remain through this. In fact, spirituality is the name of peace of mind which connects the individual to humanity and the whole world. It is tied in the thread of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. This land of India is a unique and unique gift to the world.

But the peace of the land of India, which is called the land of spirituality, has been disturbed by the leaders who call themselves politicians living in the country, here people from time to time ignite religious and communal hysteria in the hearts of the people and share their thoughts in mutually raging separatism. Owl straightens.
Therefore, it is necessary that such people are needed to run the country, who can rise above the politics of communal separation and create a feeling of love and brotherhood, only then the lost pride of the country can come back again.

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