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Love at First Sight

25th June 2003. I was in Std 11th. It was the first day of the new session after Board Exams. I was continuing in the same school where I studied since nursery. It was the best school of our Locality, Perhaps the best in whole district. This Day was special as new students from other schools who would have applied and got selected would join us today and it was time to see some new faces.

Mam arrived and asked all of us to introduce ourselves. I with few of my friends had managed to occupy the last bench. Last benches are luxury as trouble reached there at the end However when your fate has decided to ditch you trouble my start from you only, no matter where you have decided to hide yourself. It was one of those days and introduction started from the last bench. I introduced myself and sat down, not much to say as most of us new each other.

But from back bench my eyes were on someone sitting in the third row. I could not see her face as when she entered the class, I was busy with my old friends. I was attracted towards her long hair which lied below her waist so long and beautiful were there. I was eagerly waiting for her to introduce herself.

Now it was her turn, she Stood up and said This is Janvi from Sidhu vidya mandir. Her melodious voice made me more eager but could not see her face. Today I realised sitting at the back bench may not always help. I was waiting for the class to get over so that I can go out and come back to see her. Finally, bell rang and I rushed out and then rushed in and was mesmerised at her. She looked so beautiful, her hair, her eyes, her voice, she was a complete package of beauty, rapped In pink dress she glowed like a rose.

I wanted to keep looking at her but was scared of being noticed by Her. She was beautiful and all eyes were at her. I knew I was going to face a tough competition. I could not resist myself and kept looking at her somehow. This was the first time I felt for somebody so badly that I felt like going and introducing myself. But the idea would spoil everything and one should always do his homework in these things. I wanted to know more about her. Today was the first Day of the class and Mam in the very first period told that we should start our hard work from today itself and I agreed to her this time.

I enquired about her school and wanted to know how many students from that school joined our School. By the end of last period, I knew Vikas is her batchmate and so Vikas qualified to be my buddy from today.

While returning from school I introduced myself to Vikas tried to get friendly with him but could not resist and straight away enquired about her. Vikas understood obviously and gave a piece of advice which I did not like at all. He said do not waste your time many tried but all failed. she is not somebody who would fall in love. I enquired how was he sure about it to which he replied I am her batchmate from old school and I know her. I said shut up and left for home little disappointed but was not ready to give up.

I came back home. Today I was very happy. It was a feeling I never had Before. It was something Special. It is not that I have not seen beautiful girls before, I had but never felt like this for anybody. This time it was different, something was special and my heart and my mind both agreed to my thoughts.

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