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Goal of Life

One question always haunts me ,what is my life? Whether I am living it in the right expected manner, whether I am living it for fulfilling ambitions and aspirations of my parents? or otherwise I am living for grooming and developing the career of my wards and dependents fulfilling their every need and supporting them in their growth .
Every individual requires money for subsistence. Once basic need is fulfilled the next step is towards improving the living conditions which is also the need of the hour , in which basic necessities of life towards food , clothing, housing are reasonably taken care of on medium scale basis.Then next step is towards fulfilment of requirements of goods and services for leading reasonably comfortable and respectful life of the identifed peer class.
When these requirements are fulfilled then quest for further improvement starts with requirement of luxury goods and services to maintain the lifestyle under peer pressure and showbiz mentality.
Then starts lust for accumulation of wealth which is never ending and drives an individual to the extent of money making machine by hook or crook ;setting aside all ethical practices and norms enabling him to laundering money by illicit manner ; compromising his self esteem and reputation in the society.
An individual who adopts such practices for accumulation of wealth loses self confidence and become money slave and always depends on money power and money game in solution of problems faced by him , and becomes utterly failure when money power doesn’t work in certain critical situation.
The resultant effect is that he becomes depressed and encountered with various health problems.
Therefore , for living a peaceful and happy and healthy life , there should be a purpose which should be identified by thorough introspection of positivity and negativity by an individual for deriving a final goal in conjunction with his aptitude , capabilities , and resources at his command and which should be based on ethical grounds.
The philosophy of meaningful peaceful living is keeping the broader vision of development of self in mental and physical wellbeing , and help others with his efforts in their welfare with social objective incorporating humanitarian perspective ,
keeping aside all the reservations and presumptions against any class or section of society.
The philosophy of peace for self and let others to live peacefully should be followed. The negative aspects of life of in crooked mentality and negative shades of occurance should be dealt courageously with confidence minimising their effect on life.

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