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Human Relationship is the bondage between two individuals having similar vibes which has magnetic effect on their association and become reciprocal to each other in expression of joy and grief .
Such an association has greater quantum of acceptability between two individuals and adjustments for mutual agreements .
True relationship has quality of sacrifice which each one is ready to make for each other for it’s consistency in a long run .
True relationship plays the role of mentor as well as advisor to each other and consists of strong will power in arriving at consensus in solving mutual differences of opinion as positive approach in the right direction .
In the life each one is confronted with various types of relationships,
parent and ward, husband and wife, brother and sister , friend and colleague , master and servant , and so on.
But these relationships are vicious and subjective and time sensitive in nature , and transform over a period of time in intensity and gravity , and to certain extent are obligatory in nature, and bound by duties and responsibilities .
These relationships are often misconceived as true relationships ; but revolve around pros and cons of maintenance and become generally fragile over a period of time depending on situations and circumstances of life , with certain exceptions in rare cases which set an example of culture and family values .
In today’s world this family value system and distinct cultural approach is diminishing and relationships are weighed on monetary platform of benefits which each individual is able to derive from others.
Humanity based social obligation are
missing , and caste, religion , and group based obligations are in forefront of vested interests in caste and religion based politics and business .
Relationships are contaminated to such extent that it has become difficult to isolate and identify the true relationships in present days.
Above all it is opined that relationship based on human values respecting each individual’s existence as human being which has sense of sacrifice for service of humanity between two individuals and groups in society for common cause of welfare, progression and development in the form of joint effort of becoming and being humane in approach is the essence of True Relationship

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