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Qualities of an ideal teacher

Qualities of an ideal teacher

Shri Anil Kumar Gupta
(Best Scout Master Award 2009)
(Regional Incentive Awardee 2014)

“Teachers are here, teachers are there,
But good teachers are rare.”
Introduction: – As we know that the teachers have been respected and honoured and treated as the pillars of the nation in the past. The teachings of the teachers always have been creating the future of a country. They have been treated as “Gurus”. Teaching is a noble profession as the profession of a doctor, as we know.Teachers are fully aware of their role and responsibilities in the society. They know that they have to produce a nation full of educated, disciplined, sincere and hard working people.
Teachers of the past have been treated as preachers also. They have been trying to inculcate moral values among students and were trying to create faith on culture and tradition by virtue of respecting the elders. They have also been trying to encourage the children to get blessings by virtue of their act. Old trees never give fruits but they give shelter to a sweaty man. The blessings of elders bring happiness in life and motivate to do good further.
Teaching profession is a noble and pious profession which generates respect for the teachers and others in the eyes of the students. This is the only key Profession which is the basis for any other profession. This is a respective profession where students can’t forget their teacher’s whole life.Teachers have the ability to transfer, to communicate the right information. They are the best part of the society, if not professional. They can guide, counsel, motivate, or inspire the students. They can play the role of an ideal and role model for the students. They can remove the darkness of innocence and can enlighten their minds on various contents. They not simply understand the difficulties but they try to remove their pain by virtue of counseling, motivating and sometimes by guiding them.
A teacher has the ability to make teaching – learning process more interesting and enjoying. He has the ability to make class room full of friendly atmosphere where teaching – learning process overcome the stress from the minds of the students. He knows how to use various teaching tools to make learning process impressive one.He can play the role of inspiration for the students by virtue of his sincere efforts. He is one who insists on punctuality, alertness and discipline. He is always fair and impartial. He is a personality of excellence, moral character and practices what he preaches.
An ideal teacher believes in simple living and high thinking with positive approach. He is the only supportive character in the society who is strong support to all the students and as such he is immensely loved and respected. He, who inspires children to cope up with stress, He is the person who does not criticize the follies committed by the children; he very simply mends their weakness. He is one who teaches the students to shed ignorance and baseless superstitions. He shows the right path of truth and wisdom to reach to the destination.
An ideal teacher should have the followings to prove himself/herself as an ideal teacher in the eyes of the students:-
· An ideal teacher should act as an icon for the institution by virtue of his personality and efforts.
· He/she should be fair and impartial in all respect.
· He/she should have patriotic feelings and so inculcate the same in the children.
· He/she is a good reader of good books and so the same habit he/she may create among students.
· He/she should be a good orator by making himself a good listener.
· He/she should have spiritual touch.
· He/she should be calm and cool always, so that teaching-learning process may not effect.
· He/she should have subject knowledge.
· He/she should be confident while teaching.
· He/she should act as parent for the students.
· He/she should be punctual, sincere and disciplined in all respect.
· He/she should not indulged in acts where he/she finds a part of social evils.
· He/she should follow the path created by the world famous personalities and quote the same during teaching – learning process.
· He/she should not believe in baseless superstitions.
· He/she should praise out the efforts of the students rather then criticizing.
· He/she should be dutiful.
· He/she should act as an ideal for the Institution.
· He/she should be co-operative in all manners.
· He/she should act as a best guider, counselor and motivator.
· He/she should be clothes cautious, means should know what to wear and when.
· He/she should know the child psychology to deal day- to –day matters of the students.
· He/she should be audible to students in the class during teaching.
· He/she should not indulge in anti social activities.
· He/she should be health cautious.
· He/she should hold very good vocabulary.
· Act as real nation builder.
· He/she should maintain hospitality.
· Act as a great speaker, a reader, debater besides being an ideal teacher.
· He/she should be capable to teach bilingually.
· He/she should have inspiring thoughts to quote during teaching.
· He/she should be capable of inculcating moral values.
· He/she should be so simple in life so they may communicate this message to the children.
· He/she should be so innovative, so that teaching – learning process may be more interactive and entertaining.
· He/she should be systematic and practical to keep up a good educational standards as well as the physical and cultural development of the students.
· He/she should be laborious in all respect.
· He/she should have keen observation.
Conclusion: – The above features and qualities are good enough to describe the term “teacher”. A teacher is a sincere part of the society, without him culture and traditions cannot be carried forward by the generations. A nation requires a large number of manpower every year, which can be produced only by the teachers. All types of manpower is possible whether skilled and semi skilled only by the efforts of the teachers in the form of teachers, lecturers, professors or specialists etc.
I salute the teachers for their stressful profession.

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