Book Publishing Packages

We offer a wide range of Book Publishing Packages to suit all kinds of publishing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many copies of my book will be printed and made available on Amazon, Flipkart etc.?

We use the latest Print-on-demand technology where the books are printed when we receive an order. The use of cutting edge technology allows us to print from a single copy to thousands of copies and to deliver the books to the customers in record time. It also ensures that we will be able to keep your book in stock without the risk of the book going out of print.

So, no matter how many copies of your books are getting sold, you do not have to worry about it. It will be completely managed by us and is included in our publishing packages.

How would I know how many copies of my book are being sold?

We believe in complete transparency. We have a very detailed sales dashboard where you can see details of your books sold and royalty.

How will I get my author copies which are included in my publishing package? Will I have to pay extra for shipping?

All our packages include 50 or more author copies. Once your book is published, we will ship the author copies to your address (in India). It is included in the package and you do not have to pay anything extra for that.

Is there any limit on the number of pages my book can have?

By default all our paid packages allow up to a given number of pages or words, whichever comes first. But this is not a limit. Additional pages over this limit can be added but they will be charged extra per page.

Note: On an average, a page contains around 300 words. So, if a package includes up to 100 pages, it means 100 pages or 30,000 words, whichever comes first.

How can I calculate number of words in my book?

There are multiple tools to count number of words in a text. You can just copy your manuscript/content in a Microsoft Word file. The number of words will display in the bottom left of the document.

What are media insertions? How many can I include in my book?

Media insertions include adding images, figures, tables, diagrams, logos, illustrations etc. to the book interior. Usually we allow a certain number of free media insertions in the book. However, if there are a large number of media insertions, they will be charged.

In most cases, if your book is mainly text with a few media elements, it should be fine.

Please note that media elements have to be provided by the author in the prescribed format and high resolution.

What will be the size of the book?

The standard book sizes include-

  • 5 inch x 8 inch
  • 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch
  • 6 inch x 9 inch

Custom sizes are also available but they will be charged extra.

I want to get free images to add to my book. Can I take any image from Google?

Images are subject to copyright just like your content. Availability of an image or content on Google Search does not mean that we can use that image in our book. However, there are a lot of reputed stock image websites which offer good quality images for free.

A few of them are-


Though these sites claim that the images are free for commercial use, there may be elements like registered trademarks, logos, copyrighted content etc. in the images. So, authors should carefully check the guidelines of these websites and use their own discretion in using these images, to ensure that they do not inadvertently violate anyone’s intellectual property rights.

How much royalty will I get?

Royalty is calculated by deducting retail margin (charged by book sellers), printing cost, overhead costs, fee etc. from the sales price of the book. To calculate royalty, we have a royalty calculator on our website. Please fill the number of pages, your selected MRP for the book etc. to get an idea of the royalty you will get on the sale of your book.

Can I decide the price of my book?

Yes. You decide the price of your book. Our team will provide you a minimum price based on your book’s specifications. You can select any price above that for your book.

Can I get order author copies at discounted price? Will I get royalty on these?

Yes, you can order additional author copies at discounted price. As they are author copies sold to the author at discounted price, you do not get any royalty on those.

Is there a limit on minimum number of author copies I can order?

You can order minimum 24 copies in case of paperback book. For hardcover books, minimum author copy limit is 32. Shipping is free.

Who owns the copyright of my content? What is the meaning of non-exclusive agreement?

Copyright of the content remains with the author. We sign a non-exclusive agreement with our authors which means that we do not hold any exclusive right over the publication of your content. You are free to re-publish it anytime, anywhere.

How will I get royalty payments?

Royalty is finalized after 60 days from the end of the month and is paid on monthly basis to your bank account.

Do I have to make advance payment to purchase a publishing package? Can I pay in installments?

Please contact our team for installment options.

You can also avail Credit Card EMI options from our payment partners as per their terms and conditions.

What are the modes of payment?

We accept all major digital payment modes including net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI, wallets etc. More details are available on our payment page.

Do I have to come to your office?

No, you do not have to come to our office. We are based in Noida, but our entire publishing process is online including Agreement signing and manuscript submission. We will provide you digital proof for final review. Author copies of the book will be sent to you via courier. You do not have to come to our office for anything.

How do you design the cover of my book?

For cover design, we use stock photographs and/or designs from iStockphoto ( These photographs and/or designs are then customized for your book cover. Based on your selected publishing package, we create one or more sample cover designs from which you can choose the cover design for your book.

If you want us to design extra cover samples beyond your package, they are chargeable at ₹1000 per sample.

Alternatively, you can select one image from millions of images available on the above stock images website and we will use that to design your book cover.

Do these packages also include editing and proofreading of my content?

These packages do not include typing, editing & proofreading. You will have to provide final typed content. In case, you need editing and proofreading services for your book, it will be chargeable.

Would I be able to make changes to the content once the book is designed?

Once the book is designed & formatted, major modifications usually require complete rework. That’s why we normally do not allow revisions. As long as you are being reasonable in requesting the changes, we may accomodate it. However, if we feel that changes are causing major rework, you may have to bear extra charges for it.

Can I have colored interior in my book?

Book interior can be colored. However, our publishing packages include black and white interiors. If you need colored interiors, it will be chargeable.

What is a Book Launch?

Book Launch is an online event where we launch your book in front of Sahityapedia users. The event is streamed live on Facebook and is also premiered on YouTube.

We organize two types of Book Launches based on your selected package.

Simple Book Launch: A one-hour long online event to launch your book with your guests.

Premium Book Launch: The Book Launch also includes an open mic event open to thousands of Sahityapedia users. This helps in taking your book in front of a large audience thus increasing its popularity. Time duration is up to 4 hours.

Book Launch is a very effective tool for the promotion of your book and helps a lot in increasing the awareness about your book in the market. You can watch our past Book Launch events on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

What is a giveaway?

Giveaway is a great tool to market & promote your book in front of lakhs of readers. Once the giveaway of a book is launched, readers can apply to get a complimentary copy of your book. At the end of the giveaway, a few selected applicants get a copy of your book.

If included in your pubishing package, we give 2 copies of your book in giveaway. You can add more copies by paying for author copies and shipping charges.

What is a competition?

Competition is a great tool to market & promote your book in front of lakhs of readers. We organize an online competition based on the title of the book on our content portal. Our competitions have very high reach and create excellent awareness about your book amoung readers.

By default we give free gifts and digital certificates to the competition winners. But you can also add cash prizes for wider reach.

Can I also publish my book with other publisher after publishing that book with Sahityapedia?

Yes. As the copyright of the content remains with you, you are free to re-publish it anytime, anywhere.

However, you cannot use the ISBN asigned by Sahityapedia. While publishing with another publisher, a new ISBN will have to be assigned to your book.

The design elements used in the cover and interior of your book may be copyrighted and owned by Sahityapedia. So, you cannot use the same cover and interior design elements while publishing your book with some other publisher. But, you are free to use all those design elements which were provided to us by you.

I have more questions about publishing with Sahityapedia. What should I do?

Our team of publishing experts is always happy to answer your questions.

Please feel free to contact us at-