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Oct 7, 2021 · 2 min read

Just A Little Bit More

Haven’t you observed the defeat in the eyes of the old people, I have.
As I looked deep into them, I found wisdom, lost love stories, pain and resignation. Also stoic resolution for life and the reality. A lost pride, which leaves vulnerability like an open wound.
When they are alone, with a far away look, they looks towards the saddest stories of their life or maybe sometimes lost in memories. We all know that we live in a ageless society, where everyone is growing gradually, to fit here they also camouflage their grey hair and dimming eyes.
I have met people with broken bones and ailing body parts, they are like the unused dust filled mannequins, lying in a heap of a store. The same store having a sale of glam and glitter for young bodies and forgetting minds. Here too the old people being reminded that, they don’t belong here.
In the flashing blood of an older person, I can smell the trenches of disobedience, which is like a war, where the body denies the collaboration with the young mind.
The mind doesn’t grow old. The mind hold on the unmet wishes, wanting to continue the unfulfilled dreams and pushing the finishing line just a little bit more.
The forted dreams and decaying hearts, that expresses itself in the greed of just an another chance. Look deep into that eyes, look at the diluted people, when you smile at them they give it back to you. Try to listen little bit closely, their eyes speaks in volumes that, ” Stay a little longer, I still got to live just a little bit more. “

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"रक्षाबंधन पर्व"
Dr. Asha Kumar Rastogi M.D.(Medicine),DTCD
✍️क्या सीखा ✍️
Vaishnavi Gupta
कुछ नहीं इंसान को
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
वक़्त किसे कहते हैं
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
मनोज कर्ण
झूला सजा दो
Buddha Prakash
मनोज कर्ण
चराग़ों को जलाने से
Shivkumar Bilagrami
पापा को मैं पास में पाऊँ
Dr. Pratibha Mahi
इंसानियत का एहसास भी
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
ग़ज़ल- मज़दूर
आकाश महेशपुरी
Shashi kala vyas
तुम हमें तन्हा कर गए
Anamika Singh
मर्द को भी दर्द होता है
सुरेन्द्र शर्मा 'शिव'
'अशांत' शेखर
पिता की व्यथा
मनोज कर्ण
सुरेन्द्र शर्मा 'शिव'
इज़हार-ए-इश्क 2
सुरेन्द्र शर्मा 'शिव'
बिछड़ कर किसने
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
टोकरी में छोकरी / (समकालीन गीत)
ईश्वर दयाल गोस्वामी
मै पैसा हूं दोस्तो मेरे रूप बने है अनेक
Ram Krishan Rastogi
गुलामी के पदचिन्ह
मनोज कर्ण
प्रेम रस रिमझिम बरस
श्री रमण 'श्रीपद्'
पवनपुत्र, हे ! अंजनि नंदन ....
ईश्वर दयाल गोस्वामी
आंखों पर लिखे अशआर
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
मैं कुछ कहना चाहता हूं
सुरेन्द्र शर्मा 'शिव'
कुछ और तो नहीं
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
जीवन की दुर्दशा
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
इश्क कोई बुरी बात नहीं
सुरेन्द्र शर्मा 'शिव'
सिद्धार्थ से वह 'बुद्ध' बने...
Buddha Prakash