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INTRODUCTION: – Discipline means how to control self or we can say self-control. Sometimes it means order to act in a right direction. One cannot live a joyful and peaceful life without discipline. Even for a healthy life one should be disciplined. Discipline requires a person to observe certain provisions of rules of conduct. To lead a civilized life discipline is must. Without discipline one can’t move ahead, can’t grow, can’t reach to his destination, can’t fulfil his aim, objectives etc.
Discipline is a sincere part of every sphere of life. Peace and justice is not possible without disciplined society. Without discipline one may be treated as animal. A citizen one who owes rules and regulations, acts as sincere part of the society. Legislation plays a big part in this regard. It controls people and aware them towards their duties and rights.
Lesson of discipline starts from home. Parents try to make their children disciplined at all respect. They wish to teach their children act sincerely from early rise to bed. Every work or task should be done in specific hours. All the jobs are done in time so that there should not be any problem to complete the tasks. This can be achieved by making self disciplined in all ways. Discipline may be achieved by making various provisions in life like time table for study and for various other tasks. This is known as time management also. This ensures stability in mind.
Student’s life is a turning point of life where a child takes himself to right direction by holding the arm of discipline. At this stage he can’t go beyond the limits of discipline. Disciplined school life helps in achieving the goals. Future of the students fully depends upon his disciplined school life which later becomes a habit. Discipline brings achievements in student’s life. This fulfils the dream of a student. This feature dignifies a student’s personality. Discipline may be treated as sincereness also.
Discipline plays an important role in army. It’s a life breath of an army. Without this as army cannot reach its destination and cannot justify their role in the prospects of the nation. Without discipline army may be treated as crowd of people. Discipline is important in every sphere like education, politics, army, society, sports, business etc. If every individual person of a country is disciplined, so it may dignify a nation. A country may be ruined, if its countrymen are not disciplined.
Discipline can’t be taught. It comes from inside or from within. It becomes habit later on democracy of a country may survive only if people are disciplined. Discipline regulates our life. This manages our future. This manages our time. Discipline alone should govern daily routine. Discipline is an inner feeling which inculcates best among people. This inculcates respect for such individuals. Discipline is really a key to success. Discipline inculcates self-respect and respect for others too.
Criteria of discipline:-
1. Manners
2. Sincereness
3. Studious nature
4. Way of speaking
5. Use of good words
6. Soft spoken
7. Good habits
8. Obeying rules & regulations
9. Obeying traffic rules
10. Respecting senior citizens
11. Loving attitude towards younger
12. Respect for teachers
13. Patriotic feelings
14. Non- violence
15. Speaking truth always
16. Loyal towards family & society
17. Respect for religion
18. Respect for culture & traditions
19. Spiritual touch
20. Loyal towards duty

Discipline brings in life the followings:-

1. Fulfils the aim
2. Brings happiness
3. Creating a dignified personality
4. Easy to reach destination
5. Lots of respect
6. Lots of rewards
7. Peace in life
8. Stress free life
9. Planned life
10. Create self-respect

Conclusion: – Discipline is an important factor for a successful life. We all are aware of the fact that discipline plays a very vital role in our life. This creates positive approach and ensures success. Discipline means success.

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