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Never thought that we will be separated like this

When we met, never thought that like this we be separated.
Love will remain intact, but we separated.
You will see me like an dead entity & living body.
You will listen yourself as a song on my lip’s buddy.
Did witness every beauty of your mind my dear, I.
My love was not drowned in the beauty of body, swear I.
Hope for you I being there at the western horizon.
May You stay up on the eastern sky, I gaze as sun .
You are in my mind like the rays of the light.
What crime we did, have to hear and see dark sight.
Deed of the path of duty, why? this journey is heavy.
Why didn’t your ‘ truth ‘ of yourself became heavy?
We didn’t think one ugly day we would be separating.
Come on, we will die fighting for a desire to meeting.


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