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Helping others is a noble act which is a basic trait of being humane , but general or generous help requires premeditation of subject whether he is in dire need of such help which is solicited from others and has a cause or reason to prove his worthiness to be helped by others.
Timely help saves the subject from situations or circumstances beyond his control.
Delayed help may not provide desired results.
Before helping others one should keep in mind whether the subject has exhausted all the avenues at his command has no option except seeking help from others.
There are certain individuals who pose themselves as helpless lot and find it easy way and means seeking help from others,
creating artificial situations and superficial expressions of pity and despair .
Beware of such individuals and examine their
situation on your platform of reasoning before hand ; setting aside emotional aspect in such cases, so that in later stage you do not feel cheated emotionally by such unscrupulous elements .
In guise of religious or social cause help is solicited from various corners of today’s world .
The commitments of such groups for such cause is questionable ; and end use of fund raised requires thorough monitoring and control at various levels.
Therefore, it requires thorough study of inherent genuineness of such agencies and their commitment towards social cause.
There are few agencies in guise of social or religious cause find it easy way of minting money from unsuspecting fallible donors.
They lay trap to corner such individual through various source of print and communication media and word of mouth of celebrities and persons of status of repute in the society.
Therefore , it is the need of time that help should be extended to needy help worthy people at a right point of time and at a right place ; examining the quantum and proportion of such help for a noble cause ; as right gesture of service to humanity .

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