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(1)Life’s exam has its own rules, everyone’s question paper is different in this paper, this exam is not like the school exam. Everyone’s question paper remains the same in the school. Many people also pass by copying, but here everyone’s question paper is different.. There is also a specialty of these papers that these papers never leak..

(2)The elders of the house do the work of guidance in the journey of life, they give shade to their entire family like a banyan. It gets resolved. While the elders live, the beauty of that family remains different. In his shadow, the family grows and moves ahead, crossing many stages of life.The stories told by the elders also help us to learn a lot in life, the upbringing of children is also good in that family, but the day that old man dies , its effect on that family is exactly the same. Like when the banyan falls, the whole earth trembles,

(3)In the good times of life, we forget God, but when difficulties arise, they run to him and leave his arms when everything is fine again. We should remember that God every moment. Without his will not even a leaf can move, we are still a human. Coming in the last stage of life, we remember God whereas we should remember God in every moment of life. Only God can help us to cross the ocean of this life.

(4)To live life, one has to learn from these trees which do charity, give oxygen, fruits and shade to others without any selfishness, no matter how bad a person does with them, but they never leave their karma, we also benevolent with the same spirit. While doing this, you have to make the journey of life successful.

(5)If you want to learn something special in the journey of life, then take it from women. They renounce their home, their name, everything and find their existence in a foreign house, the highest sense of sacrifice and dedication is only in women, along with this, they also have the ability to bear every pain, we have to learn this qualities from them.

(6) Nature can be considered as the best teacher, it always teaches us the essence of life, no matter how we deal with it, it always treats us well. And protects human existence. Gives better air than AC and doesn’t take any money for it.. Gives free rain water… If you plant a grain in the earth, it gives thousands of grains in return.. It helps us to learn to help others people in life. should be educated from it..

(7)We have to face the harshest situation in life with patience and never give up hope.. Even a hope in life gives support to live.

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