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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
It is well known that there is no condition to be associated with DIGITAL FRIENDS. We send the request through Facebook Apps to anyone. Once they accept our request we become their Digital Friends. We meet rarely.
We can see their faces in photographs, activities, writings, achievements, etc on their Facebook. Putting condition before accepting the friend’s request seems to be very odd. Well, it could be applied in PHYSICAL FRIENDSHIP only. We watch them from every angle. Whether they are same-minded, cooperative, and helpful, get-together, jolly character, an expert in extracurricular activities, and keeping everything secret.
But nothing is needed in DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP except MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING. Ravi sent a Friend’s request to Mr. Kamlakant Tripathi. Mr. Kamlakant Tripathi had been the Vice-Chancellor of Gorakhpur University. Now he is retired. He mostly devotes his time to write the novel and short stories. On receiving the friend’s request of Mr. Ravi, Tripathi Ji wrote a log message in his messenger,—
” Respected,I appreciated your request but please go through any blog, short stories, or long articles. Write your reaction to my articles then only I would consider accepting your request .”
Ravi became surprised to see the message because it is rarely seen in the DIGITAL WORLD. In spite of it, he opened his profile and looked at his articles. They are really amazing but they were very long. It was difficult to go through. If they would have been short articles he could have read them. Finally, Ravi replied in the messenger,—
“ Respected, It was my great pleasure that I found you on the Facebook Platform. It is a golden opportunity to be connected with the various friends whom we are rarely met. We find the different qualities in PHYSICAL FRIENDSHIP but it is our decision to accept the request of DIGITAL FRIENDS. We only prefer the MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING in DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP. Moreover, the condition is not required in any kind of Friendship. Facebook is not an organization where the interview is to be taken. It is up to you whether you accept or delete. It is not right to persuade anyone to read your article as it is not a Democratic gesture. Hence I withdraw my request for friendship.
With kind Regards
Ravi “
Ravi deleted his friend request and decided to not send FRIEND’S REQUEST without knowing them properly.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road

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