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When you say yourself retire

when you’re telling yourself that
i’m retired
So you look at digging up roots of
that dense shady tree
on the shady tree,where no body knows
How many new hopes, used to grow fruit
innumerable birds chirped, hummed
Winds used to whistle carelessly
don’t know, how many springs you
would have let felt coming
You used to be a participant in everyone’s happiness and sorrows
Dont Know how many challenges were standing besides you
But she used to bow her head in front of your strong intentions.
How many storms would come, shouting and threatening
But you give everyone shelter, save and
Let them be able to win again
Even storms used to surrender before you and change their ways
You were the one, whose stubbornness had created new stories.
You were synonymous with the many milestones
You were the enthusiasm, the commitment , the inspiration of many
You used to be a roof in the storm,
an umbrella in the rain, for so many
Every new morning was delighted with your welcome
The waterfalls wanted to hug you
Rivers used to sound like sound of kalkal for you
No matter how many autumns have come and gone,
But you never gave up, even after spending everything.
The destinies used to be eager to kiss your feet
you-that same
You are tired today,
you are hesitant to move forward.
When you think that you are ‘retired’
-Then you will be deceiving yourself
-hurting the hope of living more
Alas! You must be thinking that it would have happened, or that would have happened
Then you will be killing your inspiration
you’ll be cheating your passion
And much more– by myself…
would be cheating
because the passion is helpless
And inspiration must have been defeated by failure
‘Time knocks every moment’
With the passing of time,
new blotches on your face are expelling
He wants to write everything in the form of wrinkles.
The ‘you’-Since you were not that till now…
The reverse countdown begins-
desires turn into unwillingness
the spirit cools down
pulse starts to stop
breathing calm down
and begins to waìver-
to believe and live
and becomes stronger
a distrust- of “tomorrow”
and really this way
One day you -“retired”
forever ever ..!

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