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There is no absolute truth and its measure is relative to the prevailing conditions on which the basis has been derived .
What you see is belief and what you have not seen is disbelief, but incidence of truth lies in between these extremities .
Establishing truth requires evidence of proof but the gravity of evidence is questionable .
Evidences may be physical or circumstantial ,or based on the witness which may be structured or framed , which involve prudence in judging and acceptance of truth prima facie , and its variance to greater degree of jurisprudence.
Therefore finding the truth is a tedious task revolving around various parameters of truthfulness designed
by the system.
A notional approach of finding and establishing truth is the analysis of truthfulness to greater extent of reliability , to be strengthened by the ingredients of physical and circumstantial evidence ,
supported by honest witness free from bias or coercion in delivery.
Establising degree of truthfulness should be based on thorough analysis of practical ways in light of the modern and innovative methods sans traditional and redundant ways of establishing truth.

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