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The philosophy of war

The light was shining.
He wanted to
More of this light.
Darkness was scared.
He wanted to
Scare it even more.

He had a craving.
He wanted to crave
His own personality.

In that human
The monster was so
But, but,
He wanted to be
Demon only the demon.

He has it
The strategy of politics & was intense.
Wanted to fill in that intensity
The Pride.

Minerals and gems
The ante didn’t end
In his fortress.
He wanted to
More minerals and gems.
And the fort too.

In His “Harem”
Beauty and
Beautiful women was lying
As if painting of ‘Khajuraho ‘(Khajuraho is Group of Hindu and Jain temples with posture of sexual carvings)
Were scattered.
But, but,
He wanted to be
Those paintings himself.
So, abducted all clothes and
Got to be naked.

Is sex a joy to enjoy?
He wanted have had the right.

I wish!
The philosophy of war
In the hem of peace.
It would have been embedded in it.
Would have been made
Not the killer of the warrior
Rather be a priest.

This war never gets old.
Gets bigger and gets bigger
Generation after generation.

Era by era
Keeps on bringing the
News of demolition and death.


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