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Role Of Ideals Depicting In Ramayan For Inculcating Morals In Students

This article aims at knowing the ways that will train students attitude for living harmony with oneself or others .For inculcating values in youths , teenagers or in students , the holy books like GITA, RAMAYAN, BIBLE and QURAN play a vital role to fulfill this aim. The importance Of RAMAYAN is in inevitable because this book embodies timeless value and inspires one’s to broaden one’s consciousness developing a view from ’ ME to WE ’ revealing high spiritual sacrifices and makes enable to face problems of daily life. In this way research paper covers the relevance of RAMAYAN in present scenario.


Value education is the process of acquiring values , developing attitudes and behavioral skills in order to live peacefully .Value education programs centered on learning to manage anger and improve communication through skills such as identifying needs, fulfillment and performing the action of brainwashing . In this way approach to value education changes attitudes and behavior of individual from negative to positive in order to prevent violence .
Conflict is very natural process in daily life . We cant go through it , so have to learn different ways to resolve conflict or tension . To remove conflict in a democratic society needs the commitment of citizens and accept the certainty of removing the conflict along with necessity for tolerance . An education based on value education fosters a conflict of positive orientation in a society and trains students to view conflict as a platform for attaining growth.
Contemporary value education related to specific form of violence and similar to human rights and conflict resolution . So there is need of value education in school curricula in order to foster positive attitude of students and decrease violence in society . It is need of time that we have to return back to our spiritual and holy books like RAMAYAN or GEETA to follow the ideals of values depicting in it .


Ramayana that is combination of two words ‘ Rama ‘ and Aayana means goodness and journey So Ramayana means journey of Goodness . In this holy book VALMIKI Puts Rama as an epitome of virtue and idol of DHARMA in order to educate us what is one’s consciousness developing a view from ‘ ME TO WE ‘. It consists of high spirit of sacrifice and make enable to face the difficulties of daily life . Ramayana teaches that one of the most important and ultimate goal of life is MOKSHA (Liberation) that can be attained only by following ARTHA and KAMA , strictly following the way of DHARMA . Shri RAMA , a man of eternal values is central figure of Ramayan who follows the path of righteousness and tolerance.The central figure (Rama), who is abode of DHARMA accepted the orders of his elders and went to forest when he is instructed to go to forest for forteen years by Mother KAIKEYI. His younger brother ignored crown and istalled elder-brother’s CHARAN PADUKA on the throne of Ayodhyaya. In this way Bharata ruled for fourteen years in absence of his elder brother Rama’ s behalf as his agent .
But in present scenrio while everything is corrupted and environment is subjected to selfishness. Then how one can expect to follow these ideals, if one sacrifices oneself,will go to exploited situations . Now very need tobe awaken Ravana hide innerself and follow the ideals of Rama . In present erawhat is the relevance of Ramayan . In reply to this question Manas is such wardrobe where all indians Sadhna and knowledge traditionally get a direct look . Even today ideals of Ramayan can satisfy our goal toward a great extent , such as respecting your family , keeping your promise and sooner giving a lesson to obey the elders in order to maintaining values .
Ramayan teaches us the duties and responsbilities of each relationship and depict ideal relationship such as ideal son , ideal brother , ideal wife , ideal husband and ideal king . As epitome of righteousness (DHARMA ) he embodies everything that is good and divine and known as ‘ MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM ‘ which means the greatest of all man or divine that can never changes .
Ages can change but relevance of RAMAYAN is lasting forever because values and ideals are not subjected to time . That is why the valuable lessons from Ramayan have significence in present scenrio in following way ——–

1- First of all , to be humble and treat everyone with resect and humility that is disappeared now-a days . Similarly Bharata’s refusal for kingdom offers a lesson among parental property .
2. Secondly kaikeyi’s selfishness that caused the death of her husband affects us to safeguard ourselves from selfishness. Besides these old JATAYU ‘s continuous fight against RAVANA gives us courage in challenging situations .
3. Rama journey from Ayodhya to forest shows the ups and downfall of life that should accept happily because both aspects of life dark mand bright walks together .
4. Sumitra’s nobility ordered Laxmana to stand and look after his elder brother Rama . Such type of mothers are needed in present .
5. Ramayan also work as management Guru , Jamvanta -team work to prompt Hanumana to take trip to Lanka or to motivate Hanumana to go across Lanka.
6. To maintain calm and peaceful environment along with devoiding anger in unwanted situations , it is must to teach the lessons of morals of Ramayan .
7. Not to forget expressing the gratitude to Lord when rewarded by God with all the goodness of life. We can teach value and ethics to our child by way of story telling , preach a lot of value that we would want to imbibe in our children .
8. We pay attention to our child to love his or her by giving examples of Rama , Laxmana , Bharata and Shatrughan . Laxmana who decided to give up all for the sake of his elder brother Rama . In today materialistic life where disputes among siblings are common .So story like these need to be repeated .
9. Another important lesson is Hanuman’s devotion , determination , courage and single minded focus to accomplish task . His focus is only on his duty, not on reward. Similarly we are supposed to focus on our respective duties and not to fix our mind on benefits .

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