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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
We were better yesterday rather than today. It is to say today that we reached the top, achieved everything, and were equipped with modern devices. That could make everything possible. We can make an army of friends worldwide, but rare people will be connected from heart to heart. Still, we remember the golden days which have gone off according to time. We had also a large circle of friends those days. But they used to live nearby. And those who used to go away, they didn’t go away from the heart. Everybody is standing with them. If we didn’t meet even for two days, our minds used to get distracted. We used to search them every nook and corner. We reached their home. Our first priority is to make a strong foundation of friendship. The social work used to be done in a pinch with the cooperation of all. We know that those golden days would not come once again. It sounds like a dream today. Now we don’t even know each other. In spite of it, we have a long list of friends. We are very proud of seeing the long list of friendships. Basically, we don’t know everyone. We rarely meet in life and can’t see someone’s face. Still, we accepted them smilingly. This is the only reason that they couldn’t find a strong impact among their friends. So, the Facebook Friends are called “DIGITAL FRIENDS “. Here people get involved in the theatrical process. They often show themselves busy with their character. It seems that no one listens to anyone. Every individual wants to be a director, producer, story writer, singer, photographer, actor, musician, etc. on the Facebook platform. Everyone considers himself to be a guru. In this process, they forget the responsibility to respect others ‘views, opinions, creativities, and contributions. Generally, we are not busy at all but always pretending to be busy. Actually, in this show, we don’t do correspondence with anyone nor try to appreciate other creativities. It is not a matter of time. Time revolves within 24 hours. It is not changed so far. Everybody is allotted the same time. It is time to accept a new method of Friendship. We do dance ourselves but respect another form of dance also.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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