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Let me be me

In my childhood
I was exactly like me
Sorry now no more
The same old way, let my present be
Let me be me.

I used to be cool then
Even if busy
Lived on wear any clothes,
New, old, colored, plain,
Regardless of beautiful or ugly
Without any worries
Didn’t think
What will these dresses look like
What people will say in their ears
Let me be so careless, so carefree
Let me be like me.

Then I used to do innumerable things
Would talk without stressing the brain
Would say all that
Which used to come to mind then
Everything, complete, monosemantic.
Now I have to think before I speak
I check the eyes of others.
I say something I hide something,
I am afraid to tell the truth.
Let me provoke that courage in me
Let me say everything fearlessly
Let me be like me.

Then in new hopes,
In waves of fun
I used to blow
I loved myself so much
Dreaming about
Fairies, Hummingbirds, Butterflies,
Colors, buds, flowers, springs
I was lost in myself
I enjoyed the pleasure fully,
I used to live in reality.
In those same hopes and dreams
Let me drown.
Let love grow between
Me and myself.
Let me be chilled in fun,
Let me stay away from the mess
Let me stay away from the dream world
Let me live reality
Happy, as before, lucky let me be
Let me be as it’s me.

Sanjay narayan

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