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Closed Door… ?

“Go away, I have nothing to say.” The woman who opened the door said looking at the crowd of visitors. The door closed again with a loud sound.

“Leave me to my condition for God’s sake … Go away you guys.” The sobbing voice of the woman was also heard clearly from behind the closed gateway to the visitors.

“Look ma’am, open the door. We have come to do good to you. We are all people associated with media and magazines. By exposing the news of rape on you, we will expose the wolf, who has spoiled girls like you.” Said the man standing at the forefront of the crowd of visitors.

“I know you very well. Spice up such incidents and serve them with a lot of salt and chilli, like a snappy news. In this way you give your channel a name and publicity and collect a lot of advertisements.” Said woman sobbing voice again. .

“Look madam, you are thinking wrong. We are not people running professionalism shops. We also have some moral responsibilities towards the society. Our basic objective is to make the truth public. ”

“Yes, I know how moralistic you are! How many lies do you serve under the guise of truth! What will you do for the society? You have learned to do business of people’s sensibilities. Get out all, everyone, the door not open…. Oh God!”

From behind closed doors, the woman heard the voices of media persons go down the stairs. Neighbors heard the woman’s sighs till late night from behind door.

(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Band Darwaza”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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