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Dr. Lakshman Jha Jha “Primal ”
Generally, we accept the friend’s request immediately without knowing their liking, interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities because we have no option to go through the details unless accepting them. There are certain pillars on which our friendship buildings stand. The friendship is based on mutual understanding…similar thinking…: coordination between them . Second, we should be standing always to extend help in need. The third is to respect the thoughts and convictions of each other. Fourth whenever there will be any social function we must get together. And last, not least they maintain the secrecy among them. We know that Facebook friends are called ‘Digital Friends’ so we could avoid them to some extend. But these are certainly applicable in Friendship. Writing anything on the timeline is our privilege but there are a few points to be followed by us. We can write about politics, current issues of National and International, social inequality in the society, and various problems. We are living in Democratic Country where we got the fundamental right to express freely. The projection of bad language, bad words, and abuse are not recommended at all in Facebook. Nobody tolerates against his God and Religion. We must respect all religions and Gods. We have a number of friends on our Facebook. They are from a different religion. If we write anything against anyone we may miss them. It is completely clear that the whole world is reading your activities. It is better that you have your own conviction as I have gone through your various posts in your timeline. You are absolutely right on your point but they are not to be digested by everyone. So we are inhabitants of different poles. It would be our wise decision to withdraw from our FRIEND’S LIST.
Dr. Lakshman Jha Jha “Primal ”
Sound Health Clinic
Doctor’s Lane

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