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Why is excursion necessary?

Why is excursion necessary?

The implication of earning a living Being constantly busy, our mind-brain gets tired, and the mind wants to leave all the work and get away from life for a moment, where there is only joy, the nature of nature. May the lovely shade welcome us. Sitting in the lap of nature, forgetting all the worries, reach such a blissful place where there is only gaiety in life and the joy of the mind ends all fatigue.

A few moments detached from the accumulation of meaning are as soothing and exciting for leisure travel as are equally healthy. Anyway, for a pleasant health, walking is very important. It transmits new consciousness and energy to the body. It is healthy both physically and mentally. According to medical experts, if you are not able to take out enough time for a walk, then at least you can do your work by taking a walk in the morning. This walk helps a lot in the proper functioning of the damaged internal organs of the body.

In this hustle and bustle of life, we get lost in such a way that we forget ourselves, the body may look healthy but we remain mentally ill, and if there is any most suitable treatment for this mental illness, then it is Take a walk

In modern times, human beings are so burdened with the workload that they do not even have time to breathe, in such a situation, excursions give you a happy environment by bringing you away from the stresses and worries of life. Your eyes enjoy the natural beauty, the skin gets a touch of sunshine. By breathing in the open air, every part of your body feels refreshed and this is the reason why walking has been called essential for health.

__ Pt. Sanjeev Shukla ‘Sachin’

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