What god has given us and why?

What god has given us and why?

With reference to our physic, the almighty lord has given us the followings and the reason with:-
Two hands: –
· To help a needy person
· To support to a person in need
· To bless younger
· To plant saplings and take proper care of them till they become a tree
· To praise out right things/good deeds by clapping
· To stop others doing bad turns
· To pick and keep a stone lying in the mid of the road
· Contribute in cleanliness programmes

Two eyes: –
· To observe beautiful things
· To look onto a needy person
· To observe good turns/good deeds
· To observe good turns and motivate others to do the same for the sake of the society
· To feel almighty lord in your heart through eyes
Two legs: –
· To rush towards a needy person
· To move to temples, mosques, gurduwara, church etc.
· To carry needy people to hospitals

Mind: –
· To think positive
· To remember the almighty lord all time
· To create positive thoughts
· Always think over social evils and to resolve them. We should capitalize the physical parts of our body by doing good deeds to make this society healthy.
· To feel self always; a human being
· To think over betterment of the society
· To think over the problems of ill treated people of the society.
· To think over the causes of natural disasters and to resolve the them
· To create positive feelings for the victims of natural disasters
· To maintain the dignity of human nature by virtue of holding religious customs and culture

Our approaches must be for humanity. We are grateful to that almighty lord for making us human beings, so prove it by your sincere efforts, sacrifice and dedication. Feel proud that you are a human being and justify it by taking care of the needy people, environment, and social prospects and by many other ways. Keep your culture and traditions alive by doing good deeds or by motivating others to do the same for the betterment and off course for the whole globe.

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My Expressions
Shyam Sundar Subramanian
यही तो मेरा वहम है
Krishan Singh
!?! सावधान कोरोना स्लोगन !?!
Arise DGRJ (Khaimsingh Saini)
Buddha Prakash
एक तोला स्त्री
ज्ञानीचोर ज्ञानीचोर
Lohit Tamta
【 23】 प्रकृति छेड़ रहा इंसान
Arise DGRJ (Khaimsingh Saini)
हम पे सितम था।
Taj Mohammad
पिता बना हूं।
Taj Mohammad
प्रिय सुनो!
Shailendra Aseem
इंतजार मत करना
Rakesh Pathak Kathara
【28】 *!* अखरेगी गैर - जिम्मेदारी *!*
Arise DGRJ (Khaimsingh Saini)
सारे ही चेहरे कातिल हैं।
Taj Mohammad
भगवान श्री परशुराम जयंती
सुरेश कुमार चतुर्वेदी
कन्यादान क्यों और किसलिए [भाग४]
Anamika Singh
सारी दुनिया से प्रेम करें, प्रीत के गांव वसाएं
सुरेश कुमार चतुर्वेदी
Anamika Singh
चाँद छोड़ आई थी ...
Princu Thakur "usha"
यूं रूबरू आओगे।
Taj Mohammad
मनोज कर्ण
'तुम भी ना'
Rashmi Sanjay
💐 निगोड़ी बिजली 💐
महाप्रभु वल्लभाचार्य जयंती
सुरेश कुमार चतुर्वेदी
पितृ स्वरूपा,हे विधाता..!
मनोज कर्ण
कन्यादान क्यों और किसलिए [भाग ७]
Anamika Singh
बेपरवाह बचपन है।
Taj Mohammad
जब वो कृष्णा मेरे मन की आवाज़ बन जाता है।
Manisha Manjari
महाराणा का शौर्य
Ashutosh Singh
Mamta Rani
कर्ज भरना पिता का न आसान है
आकाश महेशपुरी