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Books always have been good friends from ages. They have been accommodating civilized part of life of people. They have not been taken as source of knowledge but also they have been spiritually adapted in life to maintain customs and culture. Books have been playing an integral part of man’s life. They have successfully proved their usefulness in the development of human civilization. They have been incorporated of human civilization. They enlighten one’s mind and life. They are the best source of wisdom of ages. They always try to remove the darkness of ignorance and show right path in life. It is rightly said that “a book is like a garden, keep it in your pocket.”
Books not only meant for educational fulfillment but they entertain also. They sometimes update your knowledge by virtue of holding current affairs in various forms. Books are of various types: – reference books, referral books, text books, encyclopedia, yearbook, dictionary, biographies, handbook, manual, tables, almanac, calendar, subject books, guide books, directory, eBooks, diary etc. books of different types play different role as per the need of the reader.
Books entertain a reader by providing sweet vocabulary and impressive way of style of writing. Books always try to attract readers by way of its title cover and presentation of information. They try to overcome sadness of the readers by creating entertainment and by imparting values. Books help readers in forgetting their worries of life. They bring happiness and become friends forever. Book’s best part is its pictorial form and sometimes animated form which attract and entertain readers much. Sometimes books help a reader in fulfilling his educational needs and sometimes they come out with knowledge part also. Sometimes they act as guide, sometimes self study tool. Some books help as career guide and some enlightening the future by imparting values. Sometimes books provide data to hold research work.
Books always try to enrich or update knowledge. They give ideas to readers and try to build their character. Books are the best source to know about the civilized part of past ages. They bring about the knowledge of civilized part of human’s life; they bring out scientific researches and biographical part of great personalities with their contribution to society and the whole globe. Books create a long journey of periods by taking them to knowledge of different eras of human civilization. Books keep dead people alive in the minds of the readers by keeping their contribution and work for society and for human’s betterment. There is one saying “after choosing a right friend, one has to go for a right book.” Books as per the need may be called good or bad. If books fulfill your need, they are good, if not, they are bad. Role of good books play a very vital role in our life, they bring us up, guide us, motivate us and always act as true friend, and on the other hand bad books mislead us and misdirect us. Bad books mainly deal with low tastes and also deal with crime and violence. Good books sometimes change the complete life of an ignorant man. Such books are known as treasure. Good books always keep their place in the memory of the readers.
A reader must be sincere while choosing a book. Expensive books are not always taken as good books. Good books are called good for their objectives which they fulfill sincerely. For selection of books readers may take help of their parents, teachers or librarian. To know about the new ad old books, one may visit books fair, book shop or a library of his choice and level. Town library plays a very vital role in this regard. They display catalogues also, to know about the new books which are to be published soon. Today we have different site on internet which provide complete catalogue of old and new books and forth coming books also.
Books may be taken on loan from friends. One may get books by taking the membership of a library. Some study centres also provide books for reading by paying some security and by paying membership charges. EBooks plays a vital role in this regard. Millions of eBooks are available on internet; one may search and get within seconds, even without paying any amount for this.
I would like to request the readers, to handle books carefully. They should not tear the books. They should not underline words or sentences. They should keep books well covered. They should not steal books or pages from books especially from library books.
It is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi” Library is temple of learning.”

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