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Today’s immoral effect on study-teaching !!

What should be the basic aim of attaining human life? We get this information only through teaching and learning. Once the original source of our study used to be Gurukul education system where we were taught the mantra to imbibe all human qualities like Dharmashastra, dutifulness, weaponry, charity, forgiveness, integrity, socialism etc.

Times changed, education system changed. The guru-disciple tradition, including the gurukul, was ended as soon as the school system. Nevertheless, due to the obedience of the teachers towards the education in government schools in the ancient education system, we were able to understand our social values. But in today’s business era, we are eager to take education considering education only and only as a means of employment. Today, we are advised to acquire the same and similar knowledge from childhood, which can become a means of developing our economic growth and employment-oriented life. Apart from this, every knowledge that paves the way for our moral development. Believing that it is completely useless for us, we shun that knowledge.

As a result, today we are getting separated from our culture, civilization and rituals. We have no responsibility towards family, family, society and nation, such thoughts are going on in our mind. Once living in a joint family, we all used to discharge our duties by being aware of each other’s happiness and sorrow. But today we only think day and night about our promotion, our progress, how our development is possible. Result Joint families are now converting into nuclear families, nuclear families are also seen disintegrating. Because there are no senior members of the family who keep them together, to curb the disintegration of those nuclear families. Every human being is bound to lead a solitary life.

In ancient times, when the Gurukul system was in place, then the prince or the poor used to stay in the same dress and take education in the guru ashram. As a result of which, by getting proper knowledge about moral values, moral objectives and humanity, by being aware of the upliftment of the people, society, state and country, he used to try to discharge his duties well throughout his life. Whereas today’s study is making us far away from morality with the feeling of self-interest and profit. Today there is no love between brother and brother, now there is a kingdom of bitterness, deceit, hatred, hatred, that sacred relationship between father and son is also being offered to selfishness. Integrity is enhancing the beauty of Kopbhavan, civilization, rites, culture, etiquette are taking their last breath lying on the bed, due to the separation of Ramayana, Gita, Vedas and Puranas from teaching.

The work done by being selfless and with the spirit of service has become the best safe and fruit-sweet option for raising money today.

Change is the law of nature, which is seen from time to time in every field, here we are getting to see this change every day in the field of education also.

There can be a change in the field of study, but if the basic purpose of study and teaching is changed, then the result will be utterly disastrous. Even today the fundamental aim of education, study and teaching should be to prepare human beings only for public interest, public interest, benevolence, and not only for self-interest, the only desire to ascend to a high position.

Our today’s education system, the mentality of the people is becoming only and only self-interest, so its basic factor is our education system today.
️Pt.Sanjeev Shukla ‘Sachin’

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