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Tips to Save Water

Tips to save water:
1. Always take a mug fill it and use the water for daily chores instead of using running tap for the purpose.
2. Always fill the bucket for washing clothes and bathing. Avoid using shower for bathing, because it consumes more water than usual bathing with bucket and mug.
3. Never throw water after rinsing the clothes instead use it for watering plants or washing/ wiping the floors.
4. Repair the leaking taps and joints and also ensure that cisterns in flush are not leaking call the plumber and get it repaired , because lot of water is wasted due leaking cisterns unknowingly.
5.While washing utensil keep a tub fill it with water and perform initial rinsing of scrubbed utensils and perform final rinsing in another tub/ bucket filled with fresh water . Never wash utensils in running tap which is sheer wastage of water going to drains. Pl teach your maid servant the procedure to save water in this way.
6. Washing machines consume lot of water in washing clothes because of programmed wash cycles of repeated rinsing and draining. On an average machine consumes 5-6 times water as compared to manual washing. Therefore use machines judiciously when the need be. It is advisable to segregate cloth as per categories of heavy, soft and medium and underlying loads. Use different settings of water level depending on nature and load( no of clothes).It is advisable to use low level and medium level settings normally instead of high level, unless otherwise using the machine for heavy loads of linen like bedsheets , door screens and window curtains .
7. Avoid using washing machine frequently for petty clothes, because even at low level settings water consumption will more than the manual easy wash.
8. Keep the drains clean, otherwise lot of water will be needed to clean clogged drains and water outlets.
9. Create awareness among the people around by educating them particularly kids and younger generation the importance of saving water for survival.
10. Organise discussion forum, workshops and campaign at various levels to bring positive change in peoples’ mind toward this cause.

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