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Tip to Stay Healthy & Happy Seniors

In the progression of life stage comes when people have to face age related problems . To overcome these problems there are some suggestions to lead happy and healthy life :
1. Authority :
With the progression of the age you start losing your authority.
Which you were enjoying previously. Because of the fact that nobody considers you as an advisor or mentor. And thinks himself competent to take decisions without your advice.
You have to accept to this situation because of the fact that differential thinking of the young people which does not incorporate experienced analysis from individual of your calibre. You should not get dishearten by their views and should not impose your decisions on them. Which will create unnecessary conflicts and wil enhance unnecessary mental tension on both sides
2. Lifestyle:
Generally people have a misconception that life style after retirement it is to rest.
Which is totally wrong because of the fact the rest beyond particular limit yields to inactivity which is harmful and give rise to various health related issues.
At an elderly age one has to maintain activity level because of the fact that as the age progresses activity level gradually start reducing due to various physiological factors governing activity level.
Therefore it is necessary to maintain your activity level to the best possible extent to perform normal functions with ease and lead a normal healthy life without any issues.
Inorder to maintain your optimal activity level you should undertake light exercises which involves breathing exercises and core muscle training exercises, walking daily, yoga and meditation light sporting activities playing badminton, tennis, table tennis, or swimming to some extent provided you have availability and access to such sports facilities .
Please remember that in no way you should waste your time sitting idle seeing TV , gossiping, and playing cards or chess for hours together which will lead to enhancement of inactivity level and is detrimental to your health.
lt is best to involve yourself in your hobbies like listening to music, singing, dancing, art work and painting , gardening and any other creative pursuit which keeps you physically and mentally involved for your well-being.
You may also write poems, articles, stories and express your views on various social issues which enhance your creative talent and exposure to the outer world.
3. Possessiveness :
Each one of us has a passion for his possessions which grow with the age and we create a treasure of such possessions . These possessions have emotional intrinsic value for us but may not have a value for others from utility point of view.
Some of these possessions may have become redundant due to drastic change in technology with the passage of time with new innovations in application and use in vogue.
We have to accept this change and should understand that sticking to the old guns is not useful and should be amenable to change and should be ready to sacrifice our possessiveness.
4. Mental wellness:
Mental wellness is the cause of concern for the seniors. Because as the age progresses the mental faculties degenerate with the change in condition of brain due shrinkage of brain cells creating hollow spaces called grey area.
This condition gives rise to short term memory loss .
Which is a normal phenomena which varies in degree from individual to individual .
But in certain individuals it leads to permanent memory loss in the form Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore it is necessary to be mentally fit at an old age with positive thinking leaving aside the negativity.
Negative thinking should be avoided as far as possible.
The loss of dear one always haunts us but it should not be deeply felt to the extent of affecting us leading to the conditions of depression.
We have to condition our mental faculties to accept the loss as the way of life as nobody is aloof of it.
5. Refreshment:
We have to refresh our life by participating in social activity and get togethers.
We should organise competitive programmes for kids, adults students , and organise discussion forums on various issues to refresh our mind and try to gather knowledge from others.
We have to plan our visit for sightseeing, picnic, and other places of interest once in three month to boost our activity level and refresh our minds.
6. Nourishment :
Dietary plan is very important for staying fit in old age.
As the age progresses our digestion power reduces.
The food which we were able digest easily becomes difficult to digest. Therefore we have to become choosy in our food habits.
Avoid oily and spicy food .
Avoid eating sweets regularly.
Reduce intake of sugar and salt.
Eat lot of fruits and vegetable salad .
Avoid packed fruit juices and soft drinks available in market.
Because these drinks have high sugar level content and artificial flavour and emulsifiers which are very detrimental to health.
Avoid frozen food and tinned food which are not good for health and have been reported to have resulted in various health issues.
Avoid intake of alcohol and alcoholic beverages which are very detrimental to your health particularly at your age. Because these have negative effect on the normal function of heart.
These are few tips to stay healthy and happy in your progressive age.

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