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Wall of Fame
Jul 25, 2021 · 4 min read

The Rain Maker:

The Rain Maker:

Sooner than later I became legendary within our circle of relatives & friends, inclusive friends of my parents, for predictions & forecast with solutions to overcome the obstacles.

Once in a weather situation it was scorching sweltering burning blistering blazing heat of summer of June and there was a gala party at father’s friend’s home, with whose family I stayed during my studies days. So I was just like a family and my legendary was a bloody nonsense, with uncle, who teased me to hell with brand of Pongo Pandit .

Party was in big living room, having all sort of modern in thing of the time inclusive a Big Radiogram, with tape recorder, Long playing Records and also with 45 RPM records, which was a wow thing of the time. With stock of all Top Indian singers & western singers & others Dance music.

Ah I was a top dancer, Ball rooms, Rock, Jive, Twist had just come in. So we all young’s were exited to dance and have a gala time.

By evening guests were in, my father had already come in morning. And party was soon buzzing with all sorts of things. Gents were guzzling bear, due heat but few were with their Scotch on Rocks. We the young one and ladies were with Coca-cola & 7 UP (We called 7-UP & 8-Down!) and sure dance was on.

Soon the Temperature got hold on all and all hankies were done, and everyone was served with hand towels and Napkins.
At one end in-between my dance and services to elders, I was also having my Predictions & Forecast Sessions with girls & ladies.

Uncle watched the going for some times, and then he come
towards us and said loudly, ”today I am going to break up this legendry Ponga Pandit Predicter boys humble jumble Predictions & Forecast & Solution Hob-Nob with it”.

Aunty said Oh let the boy be. But no he was serious, for God knows what for, may be HEAT!

So he said, “Boy today is your Test to prove your Power of Solution”.

Suddenly every one realized Uncle is seriously pocking me, so there was dead silence.

I got up and said Ok uncle what is your problem?

He laughed, Oh boy not my problem, its problem of all of us and yours too, with this horrendous heat we are exhausted and it is dulling the party, so my BOY MAKE RAIN. That’s your test.”

“Rain now, in June!”

Sure my BOY. Well for a moment I was taken back and was silent.

Aunty said to Uncle Oh you are mad. To me she said Forget get, he is pulling your legs.

Uncle said : NO, Just let me know, can you do it; in Yes or No.

AND I said YES, but there is a condition.

Uncle: Now you are trying to get out of it.

Me: No. I can start it but, once it starts I won’t be able to stop it.

Every one gave a suppress laugh. Uncle said, who wants to stop it my boy, start your jantar mantra and let it get going.

I said very seriously, Uncle it is NOT ME you are Challenging the Supreme Power.
And whole Room busted in thriving laughter.

Well ladies were bit worried, IF IT HAPPENED SO!
However I said to all: OK.

I took Uncles little daughter, very attached to me (even now, she lives in Holland) with a Jug full of water on the roof top. Told her to do something with the water and came down.

Told everyone it’s done, rain is coming and it will not stop.

In June it’s horrible with total Dry sky. Party resumed and I became
center point of talk & Joke, as there was no chance of rain by any parameter.

Only my dear KID (Uncle’s Daughter) sat on my lap and asked, Bhaiya will it rain, I told her
sure baby, she said yes I know.

Within half and hours or so first there was cool breeze, and then velocity increased and dark clouds with thunder storm started.

Suddenly all Halla-Gulla
stopped and they started watching me with curious glances & soon down pour started, you may call it cloudburst. Lights went out all windows, doors shut, candles lighted. Ladies started talking, as they get effected soon, gents were just silently sipping,

The Joke Ponga Pandit vanished in air, atmosphere became sober then after some time, Uncle got up and said, my boy you are lucky, Tukka Fit ho Gaya.
Give him a big hand. NO ONE DID.

It was down pouring , time went on. At about 12.30 AM rain was still going on, Uncle came towards me , thumbed my back , WOW BOY you realy have some thing, ok now STOP IT.
Drinks & Dinner Dances all were over, guests wanted to go home, couldnt.

I said to Uncle : I told you , I can’t stop it.

It rained till 1 AM! Area was flooded. All guests spent night there. Next day they had to wade through stagnant water. I, become accredited, Predictor & Forecaster with Solutions to overcome the obstacles, MAN……


Ah, Not Bad for A Young Dancing Boy.

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