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Jul 23, 2021 · 3 min read

TANTRA: Occultisms & My Mother

TANTRA: Occultisms & My Mother

By the age of 15/16, I had learnt to show magic’s, in my school functions and also in Scout Camp fire. It was great fun.

One day I was sitting on our roof, and watched the passing on the road of people who come to Vrindaban from all over India. then saw three half clad person, A matured Man, A Women & an young man, walking in a straight row, one behind other, led by Man, then Woman at last the young man. Watching carefully I marked they were placing their feet at same place of person ahead of them has left.

It bemused me and I smiled and told others who were there, they watched for a moment and said, they are Tantric.

So sooner than later I decided to learn Tantra knowledge and become Powerful. Well days passed by but tantrics were not comming our way.
Then one day they were again passing our house and I confronted them and asked them to teach me; without any if & but all of them started abusing me with high velocity sine curved, high profile and low profile language @ 100/minutes. At first I was taken back shocked, couldn’t believe, we in our family have never heard such gutter stinking lingo, I blushed in shame and guilt of hearing such dirty, unscrupulous lingo. I stood stand still not knowing how to react, but suddenly I lost my all control and beat hell out of them.

Well all said and done they agreed and day and time was fixed: Saturday, Amavashya (Moonless Night), time 12 at night, place Cremation Ground (Samshan) , ALONE.

I reached there and well prepared for any consequences as I had read they sacrifice human as a ritual.

The ritual started with the things they have asked me to bring, and it lasted till 3.30 AM.
The human skull in ritual was cleaned with Yamuna water and filled with soil of Yamuna; at Vrindaban soil is slippery, so it is called “Chikni Mitti” and Bhang
seed was planted in “Skull” and I brought it home. Placed it in my room, which was on the outer side of house; as appropriately as per advice and was told when the plant seeds, those seeds will act as per my desire.

Now daily ritual started at 4 AM in morning as per advice and lighting Agarbattis, while house slept, this just went for few days. Then one day while I was in ritual, wearing a Red “LANGOT” ( Loincloth ) only there was a bang on my door with my mother’s voice to open the door. As was told I was not to divert my attention from ritual at any cost I went on.

Banging became lauder along with ‘Lalla” (Ram Lal) our helphand. I had no alternative but to open and my mother came in saw what was going on, understood my Power hunt, picked up the Skull came out, I begged her not to , but in vain, she dumped the skull in the drain gutter out in road.

Then Mother told me are you fool? If it was possible to have power by doing this “Everyone would have done so’, she walked in the house telling Lalla to clean the Room.

& there went in the air My “Tantra Mantra” to become POWER TO RECKON WITH.

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