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Superstition is the herd belief culminated out of fear of inevitable happenings and it’s interpretation with the existing surrounding circumstances and factors making these responsible for such happenings devoid of analysis and personal reasoning of belief .

It is because of the fact that insecure feeling in the group of people and their fear of inevitable happenings which takes place in their day to day life without their personal control .
Therefore , it is a psychological trend of providing solace to their minds finding ways of escapism ; instead of analysing pros and cons of such happenings on right platform of reasoning.
Normally people can be classified into two categories first leaders and then followers of such leaders.
The leaders govern the mentality of their respective herd and whatever deliberations made by them are taken as words of wisdom and followed without any bias and analytical reason of disbelief by herd of followers and in turn convert into superstitious form of belief, which is passed on from generation to generation of such followers.
Religion , caste , creed, and social status of the herd plays an important role in subtantiating the stand of superstition with right of authentication .
Superstition blurs the wisdom and reasoning power of an individual who is forced to follow the dictates of social/ religious system /society without any personal control over it to express his views and revolt against such belief with the fear of ostricization.
Superstition create mental blocks in an individual and hampers his progress . Superstitions are based on assumptions of probability instead of rationale and quantum of reality of happenings.
In any instance if probability is more the superstition becomes strong without analysis of flip side of it and becomes herd belief and subsequently transforms into personal belief.
In certain cases superstitions are so strong that they take place the form of rituals performed by group of people without any hesitation / revolt and become part of religious / social system .
In past people who revolted and raised their voices against such system and practices of superstition, suffered wrath of ostricization ; and termed as traitors.
But few brave ones continued their struggle for their cause of cleansing the social system have been quite successful in their mission .
Therefore , superstitions are the social vices which have to be condemned at various levels in the social frame work inorder to inculcate awareness among people for it’s ill effect on the society , and to stop it further contaminating the new generation.

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