Khoya Mann (Kavya Sangrah)

Paperback | by Bisheshwar Kumar


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Book details

Title Khoya Mann (Kavya Sangrah)
Author Bisheshwar Kumar
Publisher Sahityapedia Publishing
ISBN 978-93-89100-57-0
Genre Poetry
Language Hindi
Format Paperback
Pages 100
Size 5.5x8.5
Publication Year 2020
Edition 1
Volume 1

About the book

The writer, retired government employee, has tried to present the feelings circling around the life through the language and situations familiar to the common man. Book is beautiful poetic depiction of life experiences, relationship and their impacts. लेखक, निवृत्त सरकारी कर्मचारी, ने जीवन के इर्द गर्द घुमते मानव मन की...