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Jul 23, 2021 · 2 min read

Spiritual awakening!!!!

Spiritual awakening!!!!

Tantric, Palmist, Numerologist, Future forecaster, etc, etc This is something fantastic, transcendental
happened to me; No inkling of how & why!


While growing up I was much fascinated to Magic shows, Occultism, and So called Miracles, Great power of curing people by the Saints, Mahatmas, Munis
and Goodman, future predictions etc, etc.

Started collecting various books from roadside sellers, during Melas (Festival) at Vrindaban, mostly on Black Magic, with “Vashikaran Mantras”, How to live
longer formula “Kalpakaya”, How to Transmit yourself to other places, while your physical body remains at your place, How to achieve Power to Destroy & bring dead to life. Even wore saffron and went to spend time in total exile, to understand Self & GOD!

Believe me I went through all. Had some fantastic experience Some Good, some Bad, and realized the limiting factor of one’s reach.

No, I don’t intend to propagate my theories of philosophy as those are irreverent; simply because in real life, you have to cook yourself to experience the taste.

Ah! Few occurrence which made me realize the limitation of man’s reach, and few awfully unbelievable action by me, with no formula what so ever, resulted to FUN, and some in painful happening to me, In spite of knowing, what is going to
happen, it was beyond my power to revert the TIME & STOP the insident.

So it gave me strength to perform and understand; One must perform one’s duty, that is obligraty to life’s happiness to oneself as well as to others, without expecting any returns, at all cost, always all ways.

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Your laugh,Your cry.
Taj Mohammad
हम भूल तो नहीं सकते
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
न थी ।
Rj Anand Prajapati
जागो राजू, जागो...
मनोज कर्ण
सहारा हो तो पक्का हो किसी को।
सत्य कुमार प्रेमी
कातिल ना मिला।
Taj Mohammad
मेरे प्यारे भईया
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
कहता है ये दिल मेरा,
Vaishnavi Gupta
इस तरहां ऐसा स्वप्न देखकर
सच ही तो है हर आंसू में एक कहानी है
जिन्दगी खर्च हो रही है।
Taj Mohammad
ढाई आखर प्रेम का
श्री रमण 'श्रीपद्'
ग़ज़ल-ये चेहरा तो नूरानी है
राजीव नामदेव 'राना लिधौरी'
हर दिल तिरंगा लाते हैं, हर घर तिरंगा लाते हैं
Seema 'Tu haina' Tuhania
नख-शिख हाइकु
Ashwani Kumar Jaiswal
मोहब्बत के गम ने।
Taj Mohammad
भोर का नवगीत / (नवगीत)
ईश्वर दयाल गोस्वामी
घृणित नजर
Dr Meenu Poonia
बाल कविता —टेडी बेयर
लक्ष्मी सिंह
✍️हार और जित✍️
'अशांत' शेखर
दिन बड़ा बनाने में
डी. के. निवातिया
दरिंदगी से तो भ्रूण हत्या ही अच्छी
Dr Meenu Poonia
✍️दरिया और समंदर✍️
'अशांत' शेखर
मेरे देश का तिरंगा
मैं तुम्हें पढ़ के
Dr fauzia Naseem shad
मोर के मुकुट वारो
शेख़ जाफ़र खान
प्यार करके।
Taj Mohammad
योग करो।
Vijaykumar Gundal
राह के कांटे हटाते ही रहें।
सत्य कुमार प्रेमी
कब तुम?