May 24, 2021 · 2 min read

Senior Citizens’ Woes

When our logic loses it’s importance ,our existence becomes minuscule entity.
We live in this world as an animal struggling for survival facing various odds of life without any say or stand.
We serve as a tool at the hands of our near and dear ones.
Our values, systems, advise, teachings, knowledge and experience become redundant before others without any concern.
We start experiencing fear of unpredictable shocks ; which we are made to suffer time to time; at the hands of others , due their inexperience and judgemental errors.
It becomes very difficult to dissociate with them , due to personal bondages and their dependence on us.
In such circumstances ; we have to compromise with the situation and continue our journey ; without any recourse whatsoever.
Our physical well being is complimentary to our mental wellness, which gets affected gradually due to mental instability.
As the age progresses despite our efforts in keeping our body healthy with regular activities of exercise ,walking, yoga and meditation, and engaging ourselves in hobbies and strict diet control,
the age related problems start cropping up, which consist of loss of our muscle mass, weakening of bones and tissues due to loss of calcium and potassium , shrinking of veins and arteries, and short term memory loss due to shrinking of brain with increased grey matter, aggravate the condition to a greater extent.
Therefore , we don’t have any alternative option to exercise inorder to come out of the situation.
Because our interdependence increases with the progressing age , and we are not able to garner enough courage to lead independent life without any external assistance in physical and financial form.
These are common woes of Senior Citizens in our country which have to be realised by new generation, and steps to be taken allowing them to lead happy and healthy life.
These facts should be understood by each family to save seniors from such unrealised invisible atrocities.

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