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Science and Spirituality…!!

Science and Spirituality…!!

Life is made up of both spiritual and material elements, so science and spirituality are complementary even though they are different.
There is nothing in the world better than man. In him, the name of the science that raises the supreme consciousness is Spirituality. In fact, the goal of spirituality is – to advance the hidden powers and good tendencies in the human being so far that the divinity starts spilling out in the person’s life. On the other hand, the goal of science is to get information about the hidden powers in nature and matter, so that there is no material suffering in the life of man and he can live a life of happiness and convenience.

To understand scientific spiritualism, we have to pay attention to the fact that the universe before us is basically made up of two beings – one inert and the other conscious. The study of matter is the subject of science, whereas the study of conscious being (Atman-Parmatma) is the subject of spirituality. Study is neither only physical nor only spiritual. For the search for truth, we have to consider both science and spirituality and this is the root of scientific spiritualism.

Both spirituality and science have their origin with the basic mantra of creation. The creation has given these subjects to man as a gift for the purpose of connecting the outer world and the soul. Science and Spirituality are friends, not mutual enemies, they are complementary to each other.

Science connects us with spirituality and spirituality gives us the ability to think scientifically. The basis of science is logic and new discoveries and the same things have been said in any scripture. Therefore, there are similar similarities and similar contradictions in spirituality and science.

Spiritual knowledge prevents man from heading towards the downfall. The darkness which has arisen in the human being due to materiality can be removed only by the light of spirituality. Only spiritual knowledge can help him to understand that God is the real creator and omnipresence of this world. Man is just his creation. Even his life is mortal and one day everything will be destroyed. Still, why is there so much hustle and bustle behind them? Spirituality is the path of self-improvement, knowing and grooming. It is the study of the self and the awakening of the senses, the realization of the Self, the essence of religion and the meditation of the Self.

Pt. Sanjeev Shukla ‘Sachin’

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