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Role of School Librarian in Modern Trends of School Education

What the term Library is, in general and specific?
The term Library has been derived from Greek language. The word “Libra” which means book is the basis for the origin of the term Library. In general Library means the place where books and other reading material is kept for use. Earlier the term Library has been used as Store house. Specifically Library means the place where books are kept for reading and collecting information to gain knowledge. Library of today is known as study Centre, a place of self-learning. Today Libraries are treated as the heart of the Institutions instead of store house.
What are the other dignified names of term Library?
Library is known as:-
A Centre of Knowledge
A Temple of Learning
A Centre of Self-study
A suitable place to gain knowledge
A self-oriented study Centre
A store house of information
Information Centre
The above terms define the term Library well. Role of Librarians also extended to technical level. Library of today’s play a very vital role in Education and Research.
What is a school Library?
School Library is place which meet the educational needs of the students from Classes I to XII. This place is known for its role in completing the assignments and the projects. School Library is a heart of a school as suggested by the Educationists , scholars and Learned personalities.
School Library mainly deals with the elementary needs of the students, so that good reading scenario may be inculcated/created among the students. School Librarian, the first person to tell the real meaning of the term Library to the students and staff as well. Library is the only place where students feel comfort.
What a School Librarian is?
School librarians are an important member of the group of adults charged with creating readers, which includes: parents, teachers, librarians. In present Library scenario we find the Librarian is a dignified person who motivates the students for good reading and helps the students in their projects and assignments by virtue of providing relevant information through documentary and non-documentary sources of Information.
They play a very vital role in middle and higher education by holding various activities like book review writing which very simply inculcates both positive and critical thinking approaches among children. Today’s educational scenario has input most of the multimedia devices for better use of information. In this regard School Librarians are playing the best role by helping the children, way of searching information, sorting out information and compilation of information. They are the best to tell the children that how to present a project so that it may be informative and impressive one. There are many ways you can work with individual and groups of children to help them to become readers. The School Librarian’s Role in Reading Toolkit is a useful resource when considering the role of the school librarian as a partner with teachers to create readers.
Find more information about the School Librarian’s role under The Library Team, in managing the Library. We also have a sample job description for school librarian, which you are able to tailor to the needs of the school.
In this way School Librarians playing their important role in the contemporary educational scenario. In other words a School Librarian does the following things:-
1. Increase children’s confidence and enjoyment of reading.
2. Open up reading choices.
3. Offer opportunities for people to share their reading experiences
4. Raise the status of reading as a creative activity.
What are the dignified names of a Librarian?
Librarians are known as :-
Information Officer
Documentation Officer
Information Scientist
Library Officer
Library Counselor
A School Leader
A Program Administrator
An Information Navigator
A Technology Facilitator
A Collaborative Teacher and Learner
These dignified statuses of a Librarian nicely reveal the position of a Librarian in the Society and in present Educational scenario.

What is Initiation of a fresh reader?
Initiation of a fresh reader is a routine process of a library. In this process a fresh reader is told about the process of Information search, various aspects of a document, handling of books and other reading materials, dealing with Dictionaries and encyclopedias, and many more library resources.
This process plays a very vital role to understand the various documentary and non-documentary resources of information to access information in very short period. This process is so important for specially Reference books and documents which are not easy to deal with.
What are the activities a School Library may hold?
A School Library may hold the following activities to create better learning spirit among children:-
1. General Knowledge File
2. Library File
3. Scrap Book
4. Collage making
5. Title /Front Cover Drawing
6. Book Review Writing
7. Book Mark
8. Library Quiz
9. Days Celebration
10. Display Corners
The above mentioned activities may be the best one to inculcate good learning scenario among students. These activities reveals hidden abilities among students. To make a child complete , these activities are very essential at School level.
Collections of a School Library?
A School Library may possess following sources of information for batter services:-
Text Books
Reference Books
Sacred scriptures
Govt. Publications
Sacred Scriptures
Subject Books
Educational Videos
English Fiction
Hindi Fiction
Books on Languages
Books on moral Values
Scope of a School Library:-
1. Library Assignment Work
2. Library Project work
3. General queries
4. Segments for morning Assembly
5. Essay Writing contents
6. Debate contents
7. Speech contents
8. Quiz
9. Vocabulary building
10.Reference Queries
11. Career Building
12. Guidance and Counseling
Services provided by a School Library:-
1. Book Selection
2. Classification of Books and other reading materials
3. Cataloguing
4. Shelving
5. Library Automation
6. Display Corners
7. Stock Verification
8. Preservation of books
9. Literature search
10. Photocopy
11. Rectification of Books
12. Reservation of Books
13. Circulation of Books
14. E-Dictionary
15. E-Books
16. E-Split up Syllabus
17. E-CBSE Publications
18. E-Text Books
19. E-CCE manual
20. E-Library Policy
21. Model Book Reviews
22. DDC Handbook
23. Library Catalogues
24. E-granthalaya
25. Bar coding for circulation of Books
26. Maintenance of Magazines
27. Internet search
28. Library Blog
29. Newsletter
30. Reshelf of books
31. Book Fair
32. Library Exhibition
A School Librarian is a very busy person who manages the Library well by virtue of holding various services. These services have positive effects and maintain the dignity of a School Library. This chart of Library Services describes the busy schedule of a School Librarian.
Magazines to be procured by a School Library:-
A School Library may procure the following magazines to fulfill the needs of the users at School Level:-
विज्ञान प्रगति
नन्हे सम्राट
इंडिया टुडे
मेरी सहेली
आहा जिन्दगी
करेन्ट अफेयर्स
प्रतियोगिता दर्पण
प्रतियोगिता किरण
India Today
Current Affairs
Junior Science Refresher
Junior Science Digest
Competition Success Review
Physics Today
Chemistry Today
Biology Today
Mathematics Today
NCERT Publications
CBSE Publications
And many more.
These are some of the best magazines and periodicals which a School Library may procure to provide better services in the Library.

Library Automation- a mile stone in School Education system:-
Egranthalaya in this regard playing a very important role. Library automation plays a very vital role in managing the Library statistics and day – to – day circulation work. This also helps in preparing Accession Register, Catalogue of Books, and even classifying the books also. This generates a large number of reports and also creates mail for the users.
Idea behind this software is to create uniformity amongst all the School Libraries in the country. This works online also. Nicely generated and executed by NIC, New Delhi. Main feature of this software is to create bar coding for books and other reading articles of the Library. This is a very helpful software to manage a School Library.
In the end, we can say that School Library plays a very vital role to inculcate better reading scenario at School Level Education . This enables how important a School Library is. Role of School Librarians increasing day – by – day and now a days Librarians have a very busy and tight schedule during school hours. School Librarians may be treated as PGT level faculty as they play their role upto the level of Class-XII. They play a key role in School Education

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