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Sep 13, 2021 · 3 min read

Role of facebook in creating literature

Consolidation of the thoughts, feelings of the mind in words is if not impossible, then it is a difficult task. Whether it is writing or writing or any other genre. It is neither imagined nor written in a vacuum away from society because
Sahitya Samajasya Darpanam
Whether a writer or a poet, he is always influenced by the events of the society around him, he writes them in words only because
“See you cry, my heart also cries
To be aware of every anomaly of the society is the yugdharma and poetic work, he should keep literature in the spirit of the society. Every pain of society is the pain of literature.

Writing :

Along with being independent, writing touches the good and bad of the society, the disquiet in the mind becomes articulate in words, the writing itself starts running in the society and
After experiencing every aspect of society, society becomes a necessity of writing.

There are many literary groups on Facebook which are doing literature service and are constantly moving towards literary service.
Many groups on Facebook improve writing, whether it is poetry or youth excellent literary forum or Muktak Lok or Kavita Lok, incomplete Muktak or untouched emotion. All are moving towards excellence in their own way. These groups have a role in providing a platform to the budding poets who have stepped on the first step away from the virtual world. From time to time, these groups also have programs in different cities. Books of these groups are also published in which the works of the creators get a place.
Since the author is a Facebook user for the last five years, he is associated with many groups on Facebook, the daily programs of the groups work to sharpen the edge of the writing, as well as provide ground to the thinking of the creator. Every class of person, whether he is in any business, is associated with Facebook.
Under the daily program, each group has a different program according to the day, such as word pair (water-leaf), writing on traditional verses such as writing on the basis of Ghanakshari or scale. Apart from this, class management also has its own characteristics of groups. In these literary classes, the nuances of literature are taught well.
Some of these groups also run the Philwadih program in which people write at a fast pace in the given Bahr on the basis of a given Egypt. I don’t even know when the night came, when it went.
There are so many groups that the data cannot be summed up, but the largest group of people on Facebook, which is called “Kavyodaya”.
The author spoke to Dr. Uday Mani and Shri Kapil Mani, the leader of the very active group “Kavyodaya” on Facebook. During the conversation, it was found that there is a population of 1.5 lakh in this group, which is constantly moving towards touching the sky of literature under the able guidance of the Mani brothers. In six batches, about 25 hundred Navankur have been trained. Till now 450 filwadihs have been done in which 42 thousand ghazals were made and maximum filwadih was 22 thousand comments. Many literary artists have adorned various newspapers like Kumud, Arun Shukla, Poonam Prakash. To handle such a large number, there is an efficient executive board of thirty people, very responsible Pooja Bansal, Poonam Pandey do the work of spinal cord.

This was my frivolous attempt at the author’s reference to “the role of Facebook in the creation of literature”.

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