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Aug 27, 2021 · 3 min read

Relevance of Janmashtami

The relevance of any thing, fact or thing depends on how useful that thing, fact or thing can be in the circumstances of the time.

Born in the Dwapara Yuga, the mere meditation on the name of Shri Krishna gives a pleasant experience of his various arts and pastimes. Giving is a special demand of the era. Lies, treachery, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, rape, in the present anarchy, the philosophy of Krishna or the things said by Krishna can be useful even today, it is an important thing.

How to reduce the struggle between life and death How to make life liveable by bringing it into harmony despite innumerable tensions. There are some such facts and things which Krishna told through his philosophy in Dwapar Yuga can be useful even today.

In the context of knowing how to get rid of corruption and corrupt rulers in this democratic system, the philosophy of Krishna is presented in the present form. Repressing the policies of the tyrannical ruler while raising his voice against injustice.

It should be done as Krishna suppressed the policies of Kansa. Often this happens in every era, when a ruler follows immorality, then the people expose his policies and raise a rebellious voice and suppress him.

Along with giving education of Karmayoga, the pioneer of innovation and welfare, also education of duty and fulfillment of responsibilities.

The inspiration given by Krishna to do “Nishkaam Karma” can get rid of stress and frustration, today youths desire for the fruits of their actions, the same is the center of their activities, if they work with selflessness. The youth can get rid of the evil taboos like guilt, etc.

The philosophy related to “Krishna-Sudama friendship” can be useful in bridging the gap of ‘rich and poor’ if the rich class like Krishna can also provide help to the poor and low economic and other types if the Dwaparyugin Krishna-Sudama Friendship Society If it is visible in today’s society, then the difference of class-discrimination should end. With this devotion, the relationship between friends will also be able to improve.

The success of any management depends on how energetic, eloquent, tactful, prudent and leadership personality the leader of that management is. A manager should have the quality of keeping all the employees of the system in one thread.

Along with this, giving feedback for good work should be ignored by ignoring small acts, the provision of punishment for doing wrong should be such that other people get a lesson. Lord Krishna in the battle field gave preaching to Arjuna .
He teach the lesson of morality and immorality and then he
prepares him for war. Presently, teachers can tell the difference between moral and immoral things and bring the students to the right path.

Art and music lover Krishna’s flute love points towards the development of the present wood art, wearing peacock feathers indicates his keen eye towards fine arts and cow love towards livestock.

Livelihood can be earned by protecting cows, as well as protecting our cultural heritage. Even today we see houses covered with cow dung.

Thus we see that in today’s circumstances, if the things told by Lord Krishna are followed, then to a great extent tension and disturbance can be reduced and unimaginable taboos among the youth can be eliminated.

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