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Sep 8, 2021 · 2 min read

post corona scenario

As we all know today the whole world is being tricked by an invisible virus whether it is India or the world’s number one power America. Be it Italy or France. Humanity is groaning in fear of death, but this epidemic is shouting its victory with its full force, sending people twice the night and quadruple the speed of time.

On the one hand, China is the flag of its villainy, and on the other hand, America’s trembling is also inevitable. Our country is also struggling, after all, the life style of the Chinese people will have to bear the brunt. For the Chinese, dogs, cats, snakes are not a creation of nature, but a food item.

But under the leadership of a skilled leader like Modi, the graph of those who died of the epidemic decreased significantly. The Prime Minister’s Janata Curfew was followed by everyone reverently following the lockdown. This epidemic was conquered only by the Prime Minister’s motto, Mask Social Distancing.

The destructive form of this epidemic has forced us all to think that a virus that poses a greater threat than terrorism and war, which is an obstacle in every kind of social and economic progress on the global level.

Corona introduces the infinite power of nature, how the world will be after the end of corona, how will it be different in the habits of thinking, behavior, behavior and diet etc.
Indian culture is Vedic culture, whose religion philosophy and practice has the power of adaptation, the result of adaptation is that the graph of those who died of corona in our country is far behind compared to other countries.

Today’s circumstances are giving the same lesson that we have to go back and give up modern comforts because only by devotion to God, satvik food, exercise and good thoughts, our immunity can increase.
post corona scenario
After Corona, the following changes will be seen globally –
1- Change in lifestyle
2–Economic deprivation
3- Unemployment
4- Locks on educational institutions
5- Exploitation of labor force
6-Hospital robbery

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