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Maternity is Reality Faternity is Trust:

Maternity is Reality Faternity is Trust:

After many months at last MOU between my company & A State Government was
ready to sign. I reached Govt. office to execute the formalities.
But unfortunately by over look I didn’t carry Letter of authority to sign the MOU, and when asked for I, told sorry I left it at hotel. So I was told to come back with it at 4 PM.

I called back my office and was advised to make one and submit, and I
fabricated one and reached back at 4 PM. Gave him letter, he read: smelled RAT, and said it is perfect, but signature of your MD has to be authenticated by
competent authority, that is either by Bank Manager or Magistrate.

Our plan fell flat, and I busted out and said, Sir after all there is something called TRUST. Officer said he is sorry, in legal act Trust has nothing to do.

However to help us he will post the MOU to be signed with due verification.

I said, Sir before I go back may I know the your full name, he told me smiling,
then I asked, Sir, What is your father’s name, for a moment he paused then told me.
I was in Devils mood. I said.
What is the proof he is your father.
He stood up stared at me with steely gaze and was trembling.

I said please calm down. You are holding a job no one can take away (Commissioners) but I am in commercial world, we lose job at drop of Hat.

However what I said, it was retaliation to your comment TRUST.

But the TRUTH is Maternity is Reality & Fraternity is A TRUST.

We, the whole world TRUST. It is with Trust we move. This TRUST is your Legal NAME by which your’s and WORLD’S whole generation is moving.

He come forward shook my hand, invited me to dinner at his home, and introduced his parents, telling them the whole episode. His Father was a retired ICS, he said, I am right but the Govt. norms are different. It is on his son to do what he thinks fit.

After finishing Dinner he asked his driver to leave me at my hotel and told me to
come to his office at 11.30 AM, and I can post my authority letter from my place.

Next day I reached his office at scheduled time , MOU was ready in EVERY manner, he handed over to me. I thanked him. He came up to his office door we shook hands; he smiled and asked, me, “Was I RIGHT of your authority letter !” I smiled and said, “YES”.

We both laughed then he said once in class test he got 5 and made it 8; but father understood and gave me good spankings ” .

I said , “Sir I wont post my authority letter , but will personally deliver at the earliest.

We parted with smile. I took train to my HO. On reaching , I got my authority letter made same day. And I cought train to deliver it personally…….

God! Lucky me! Human hand! Forth Dimension! Well whatever…

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