Jan 20, 2022 · 2 min read

Joy in Grief

So strange is the nature of human. If a person you know is grieving, you have an opportunity to sympathize and show pity to him. The truth is that somewhere inside you, you are at ease with yourself that you are not required to undergo an adverse condition, your friend is undergoing. The fact that your life hasn’t fallen to such a poor state makes you happy. But your competitor’s success always rubs you the wrong way. Having a peaceful life is not possible in this way. Having a happy heart means learning to enjoy the achievements of others.

My friend and I went to a flower park,
Choose rose seeds that were deep dark.
We both went home and sowed the seed.
Watered rose daily and removed the weed.

My seed grew quickly into a rose plant.
However, I rarely saw friend by chance.
I met my friend with few questions to ask,
Wasn’t sowing roses an enjoyable task?

To my surprise and to my utterly shock,
My questions my queries made him to choke.
With heavy heart he showed me the seed,
The plant was dead and infested with weed.

I went to the park for getting more rose,
To gift him to put him in joy I suppose.
My dreams came true as expected , avowed.
What charm was radiated from seed he sowed.

Having seen my friend’s rose bonny, strong,
Maybe inside me something went wrong.
It made me happy when he was in grief.
and it was his joy that put me in tiff.

Ajay Amitabh Suman:All Rights Reserved

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