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Oct 14, 2021 · 2 min read

It’s an old servant

One day when I woke up early in the morning, I saw that Grandfather was giving chopped grass to the oxen to eat. I greeted grandfather and went to wash my hands. When we came back, we saw that they are still engaged in taking care of the bullocks. Dada ji was giving the voice to everyone that it is morning, now everyone wake up. How long ago did I wake up and you are still sleeping?

He called me to him and said that suppose someone comes to your house then ask who is this old man? so what would you say? I laughed and said that you are my grandfather, will I say here? What would you tell someone who does not know that I am your grandfather? I told him I would also tell him that you are my grandfather. He laughed at me and said that now if someone asks who is this old man, then say that he is an old servant. I asked why

He said, come let me tell you an anecdote, then you will understand well. There used to be a family in a village where the elders of that house used to work. The son and daughter-in-law used to sleep for a long time. Somebody comes to the door and asks who is this? So these people would say that this is my old servant. The old man kept silent even after hearing all this and did not say anything to his son daughter-in-law?

One day the old man’s son had gone to his office and there was only the daughter-in-law at home. An acquaintance from the same village had come to meet him and Grandfather was engaged in taking care of the bullocks. The daughter-in-law did not know the person who came to meet her. When that person asked who is this old man? So he said as usual that this is my old servant. Then that person said in surprise that I know him, this is your father-in-law and you are saying that he is an old servant?

Grandfather and that person again started talking to each other, see what time has come. Today’s son-in-law comes from his old parents like servants. They do not take proper care of them and treat them like servants. I understood the meaning of what he said, yet he asked me with a laugh that if someone asked about me, what would you say? I said with a laugh, my old servant.

Author- Dr. Kishan Karigar

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