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Is the daughter-in -law like a daughter ?

The equality and disparity between daughter-in-law and daughter is only of thinking that the one who is the daughter has to become the daughter-in-law of some other house and the daughter-in-law is the daughter of someone’s house, the only difference is that one goes to establish a new world and the other son’s new When the world comes to settle down, in both the situations the growth of the lineage is sure.
“If the path of life is to be made easy then
love, affection, affection
but – leaving aside the feeling
Mother-in-law will have to become mother-daughter

If the daughters-in-law are kept as daughters, then the journey of life will be easy for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as well as all the people of the house will also be tied in the bond of mutual affection. When granddaughters are born, feel best and proud by making them great. Daughter is not less in any matter, she is getting equal step by step as a man. A daughter can be made a good daughter-in-law by making her well educated and cultured.

It is often seen that people share their experience by putting and sharing photos with their daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. Keeps maintained . Therefore, it is also the responsibility of the mother-in-law to treat the daughter-in-law as a daughter in the family without considering it as a foreigner, so that she should not consider her a new family as her own home.

In the changing environment, there are families where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law live like mother and daughter. There is no tu-tu, me-me among themselves, but they want to understand each other. If we share happiness and sorrows together and become each other’s support and support. The mother-in-law of the twenty-first century is quite settled, not like the ancient mother-in-law, she does not impose restrictions on the daughter-in-law, provides freedom, an example of this, when she gets education after marriage, she also leaves her children.

Hence the fact that a daughter-in-law is like a daughter
This statement can get truth only when mother-daughter relationship can be maintained under one roof.

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