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Jul 28, 2021 · 3 min read


Every living being whether big or small has it’s importance and role in day to day life. Everybody on the world is interdependent on others for it’s functions .
Therefore ignoring/ undermining one’s position in the everyday life is the serious mistake which one commits and faces the repercussions for the same .
It is because of the mindset of an individual which has been formed over a period of time due to several factors responsible for such nature.
The first and foremost factor is environment and upbringing of an individual from childhood to matured adult character inculcating the deceptive values and system by the family and society as a whole . Nurturing such individuals with dignity of
status and money ; instead of dignity of labour and moral character in human beings, transforms them into heartless and emotionless hard characters who evaluate people in monetary terms for meeting their ends .
The mental block created in such individuals is hard to break.
For such individuals money is the most important goal in the life above human values and relationships .
In this context the genetic character and nature inherited from parents also has bearing on such built up , and can not be ignored at all .
These people forget the fact that their existence ,status ,and position is dependent on the performance of their subordinates and people who come on their way of progression and development , and for their ultimate success these people also have role to play , and they deserve appreciation and reward for their contribution.
But instead of appreciation and rewarding such intermediaries for success achieved through them , they are often made responsible in case of failures .
They fail to understand that their attitude and action create negative elements and enemies
against them which would put them in unknown jeopardy .
Providing appreciation and reward for the performance of any subordinate /people in line of progression give them sense of elation and mural boost , and motivation for making concerted efforts in putting hard work further with greater enthusiasm , and also create competitive spirit and team work at the work place .
Human touch at interactional levels and open
minded approach helps any individual to seek co-operation from his subordinates and their positive contribution in his success in ventures .
Identifying problems at grass root level and finding their timely solutions greatly depend on understanding the difficulties and shortcomings faced by smallest individual in the process of progression and development. otherwise ,such small problems grow into big ones and become difficult to solve and become time consuming in the process and put the end results in jeopardy.
Effective communication at various levels whether big/small is important to know gravity and quantum of efforts needed to negate the effect of such factors in the process of development to attain the desired target in a time bound action plan and programme .
Effective communication is possible only when the inherent ego is set aside and unbiased free dialogue is done on human interactional level breaking all the mental barriers of status and authority.
Therefore the role of every individual whether small/big ; his contribution is important and valuable in any developmental process and interdependence of each one is required to achieve the ultimate desired success .

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