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Indian Classical Music , Me With Master’s

Indian Classical Music ,
Me With Master’s

It was Durga Puja time in Durgapur 1965, where I was working, didn’t go home at Agra, as had no mood to celebrate Puja as my father’s was non traceable at Pakistan, we only knew that he was arrested being a Hindu and is kept as POW.

My cousin sister & Brother in law were in Durgapur. Many artists were invited to
perform on Puja fest. But Ashtami, was Special. So
Top Five artists staying arrangement was made at my Brother in Law Bungalow.

They arrived a day before their performance. The Drawing room was big, the instruments of these artists were properly kept at one side, and all artists were sitting, and small talks were on with BIL (Brother in Law) and Didi, and me being SALA was told to see they are served well. Didi had already done whatever was needed.

Soon snacks and drinks were served, oh am sorry, The Artists: Ustad Ali Akbar Khan-Sarod,
Pandit Ravi Shankar- Sitar,
Ustad Allah Rakha-Tabla,
Sm Shishir Kona Dhar
Rai-Choudury- Violin,
Pandit Krishna Shankar – Vocalist.

Being youngest they all called me Master as BIL did. BIL’s, house had become a NO MANs Entry place, due to these TOP Artists, and their presence were kept secret.

Rounds were going on, and it was Ustad Allah Rakha who started drumming his fingers on sofa with soft voice “Tabla bole” others made friendly comments, “Rakha
Nijer Haath Dhore Rakhte Pare Na.” (It’s in Bengali; Means Rakha can’t keep his hands still).

Well soon Allah Rakha got up and got his Tablas, sat on carpeted
floor and started drumming and challenging any one joining! Rest was a musical extravagance profligacy of all these artists’ limitless proficiency to control and Coxing their instrument to come with rhyme and synchronies with other instrument along with incredible rich voiced Vocalist Krishna Shankar, Drinks, snacks, food all forgotten.

Artists were in their highest form bandish with each other.

We, I, BILL & Didi sat spell bond soaking heavenly delightful bliss everlasting performance. It lasted till 3.30 AM. Exhausted, with Soul rewarding satisfaction………

I was on verge of saying Good night at morning, and Didi came towards me and whispered, ‘Did you switched on tape in Radiogram”. I was taken back as her tone was heavy and accusing; I said, “No”. A hell got loose. I said, “You were just sitting by it”. BIL hurriedly intervened the WAR. Well we will never hear such thing ever again.

Memory of Sound of Music; resonate in our mind and soul. They were the genius of their professions.

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