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Jul 24, 2021 · 2 min read

In Exile: In hunt of GOD:

In Exile: In hunt of GOD:

By now I am 17 years, and my inclination towards unknown The Supreme once
again started infuriating me.

As I did not knew where to and how to start so on ponderings the mind reached with idea of start with Wearing Saffron. To first understand what effect it has on BODY then on MIND.

That done, just told my younger brother my
Intention and left for place which was suitable for my Time Bond experiment of 45 days, Wearing saffron. (Mother was abroad so field was clear).

I carried with me only Two Pocket Books.

1. Pearls of Truth, published in year 1940s, having condensed details of all religions of the world- explaining when, where & they started, there philosophical theories etc. A book that gives an understanding of Geo-
politics and the social system coming out of it in the world, inclusive ours.

2. A hand book, Thus spoke, “Swami Vivekananda”. Marvelously fantastic
book. A total gist of our Dharma in Nut-shell.

First book gave me the insight of other religion; second book gave me to understand;

a) What is the difference in a Religion & Our Dharma.

b) What is OUR DHARMA!
Adi Sanatan.

And this hand book gave me an idea, from where I should start and I did. It was a passage of transcendental meditation bringing me close, very close to the intangible beginning of my life’s total perception.

What I got, what it gave or what I can do is not the part of this story; the story is what a mind can distinguish with total control of its body senses, and can totally submerge oneself with the Supreme Power ∞ infinity, ZERO.

The realisation of GOD.
God realisation is an inner experience based on direct preception that goes beyond the defination and debates of philosophical and speculative concepts.

It is not sense , intellect or emotion . Its a transcendental experience and lives of preceptors illustrate the Lord who is believed to be infinite also makes himself accessible to true seeker .

I have become part of it.

1. Prajnanam brahma , Consciousness is Brahman.
2. Aham brahmasmi –
I am Brahman.
3. Tat tvam asi –
That thou art
4. Ayamatma brahma –
This Self is Brahman

Thus live Content & Die Happy.

Well my brother came on completion of 45 days, as there was great commotion in family due to my saffron exile act.

I had a momentary fleeting desire to RUN, but I Ioved and worshipped my mother too much, who was coming back, knowing what I have done.

So I did go back to MY Mother,
My Goddess; My friend …… 🙏

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