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Important Points : Living happily

Fifteen points in life to follow to live happily :
1. Stop complaining and adjust to situation in best possible manner .
2. Never hate the people you don’t like.
Take them out of your book and forget them as nightmare .
Otherwise you will be spending lot of energy in revengeful thinking.
3. Never chase after money making business.
Money is not only goal to happiness , but it is only means to derive happiness by successfully executing desired tasks and constituting financial security.
Wealth beyond a particular level brings frills of sorrows attached to it.
4. Never lead by emotions.
Human expressions of emotional feeling are natural , and are attributes of humanity.
Application of mental faculties of judgement are required in taking decision in an emotional situation.
5. Be content with your means and possessions.
Never compare and compete with others.
Otherwise you will follow the rat race with unprecedented ultimate disaster.
6. Live your life for yourself and let others live happily.
Never dedicate your life for others ignoring your self.
Otherwise ; you will land yourself in caucus of surrounding selfish people blackmailing you emotionally for their personal gains.
7. Don’t leave your emotional balance in adverse situations , and never leave your self-confidence.
Prepare yourself to face the situation as a challenge inflicted upon you ,
and put best possible efforts to come out of it.
8. Donate the goods which you are not using to needy individuals.
Never be possessive of your collections. Let others derive benefit of your collections which will give you immense pleasure derived by such donations , and you will be blessed.
9. Never repent on your past shortcoming and mistakes.
Introspect yourself in identifying grey areas , and develop yourself with new zeal and self- confidence to face the challenges ; before you to emerge as champion.
10. Never insult anybody .
Every individual has self respect .
Give every individual the desired respect for which he/she is entitled to as human being irrespective of his /her position in the society.
Respect elders and women in the social setup which they deserve , and be humble in interactions with them.
11. Never discriminate others on basis of caste/ creed/religion/nationality or their position in the society.
Never indulge in discriminatory forums, hate speeches, political alignments , bringing disharmony in the society and instability in a democratic setup.
12. Refrain from commenting on social media without understanding ground reality , and without knowing inherent fact of the matter.
Anything making viral on social media have serious repercussions , and such acts are being committed for political milage and personal gains by vested interests.
13. Always appreciate good deeds and condemn bad deeds.
Because appreciation yields encouragement , and condemnation provides discouragement to committal of such acts in future.
14. Never ponder into personal life of an employee and never be concerned with it , untill unless it affects in discharge of his official duties diligently to the satisfaction of his superiors.
15. Prepare yourself for facing present learning lessons from past happenings and mistakes committed . Strategise future planning for achieving success .

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