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Jun 15, 2022 · 1 min read

I Can Cut All The Strings Attached

My struggles were real, and I strongly led my life with pride.
I traveled so far alone that I never needed anyone on my side.
You wanted to walk with me, so you held my hands tight.
Your care compelled me, so I gave you a fair chance without any fight.
You illusioned me a mirage, that happiness would never find its end.
I trusted you in blindfolds and wondered whether it really happened.
I have doubts about my fate. Now see how does my fears come alive.
Do you say you are with me only then why am I waiting for you to arrive?
You say you can’t let me go, but I don’t understand why?
When you can’t treat me right, why are your emotions high?
We started this journey together because I think our destinations had combined.
But you just wanted to win this race alone and left me far behind.
Yes! I am feeling defeated and isolated now. But you are underestimating my power inside.
I can cut all the strings attached when my heart decides, and my patience might die.

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